Zero Tolerance ZT0350TS G10 Review

Last Updated on September 23, 2020

Zero Tolerance ZT0350TS G10 Review

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Zero Tolerance ZT0350TS G10 Handle Folding Tiger Striped Blade has an incredible reputation in the knife business. ZT knives are a culmination of a familiar knife brand name, Kershaw and an award-winning custom knife designer Ken Onion.

ZT is quite famous for re-invention and their latest addition to their line of knives is a clear indication that they take their customers and work very seriously.

Their previous knife ZT0300 was sturdy and dependable, but the users had issues with its size and weight and considered it not ideal as an every-day-carry (EDC) knife.

Retracting to the drawing board, ZT came back with ZT0350, an updated version of ZT 0300 which is 10% lighter and smaller but still as aggressive and with the ‘tank’ feel. 

ZT0350 is a USA-made knife, and we can comfortably refer to it as the beast of EDC knives. Made from the best quality of materials on the market today, it is built to last and takes pride in being the only knife with a bold, tiger-stripe blade.

It makes this knife as good-looking as they came and its aesthetic value is equally accentuated with a striking-looking handle.

Features of Zero Tolerance ZT0350TS G10

This tactical knife has an overall length of seven and three-quarter length with a three and a quarter inch blade. At 5.6ounches, it’s quite lightweight.

Regardless of the measure, you are considering, Zero Tolerance ZT0350TS G10 is beyond doubt a top-quality production knife.

It’s a tactical and survival knife and can be used to perform just about anything. Its amazing features make it an instant recommendation to anybody looking for an EDC knife with a tactical look and quite durable.

Blade Design

ZT 0350 employs the drop point blade design which is arguably the most popular in the EDC knife business.

It’s the most preferred because it provides a stronger tip and it’s also quite versatile. Unlike the other blades which come with straight edges, it has a recurve blade which makes sharpening a challenge.

It’s for this reason that most people prefer a ceramic rod to a grinding stone during sharpening. Not to worry about this though since ZT offers sharpening services for free.

Blade Material

The choice of S30V Stainless Steel is just perfect since this stainless steel is riding high on the market today. It’s almost the ultimate choice and to enhance the knife’s sharpness, S30V contains a small grain which is also good for the blade’s overall toughness.

Making this steel is quite expensive thus the only knives which feature S30V are the higher-end ones such as ZT0350. 

The finish of this blade is also well-thought since they have used tungsten Diamond like coating which aids in the prevention of corrosion as well as reducing friction during cutting.

Moreover, it strengthens the blade; it’s non-reflective as well as wear resistant. Toughness, durability, and functionality were on the mind of the knife designer’s mind right from the beginning.

Handle and Ergonomics

With a super classic handle formulation, ZT0350 feature black G10 laminates on thick stainless steel liners. The finish of this handle is meticulous, and everything is perfectly lined up.

This handle is weatherproof and durable. Zero Tolerance ZT0350TS G10 strikes a perfect balance regarding the G-10 texture in a sense that they are not very smooth which makes it tricky to handle when your hands are wet, neither are they very abrasive to cause wear and tear on your pocket.

Regarding the ergonomics, satisfactory might be an understatement. With a medium level of traction, the G10 handles offer a very pleasant feel regardless of whether it’s in the forward or reverse grip.  Ultimately, the grip is very secure and comfortable even after longer periods of usage. 

The carry ergonomics are quite impressive thanks to the quad-mount carrying system. The pocket clip does its job of retaining the knife perfectly well without necessarily damaging the pocket. It also has provisions for left handed, right handed, tip down and tip up carry options.

Opening and Locking Mechanism

Employing the latest technology out there, the Speed-Safe assisted opening technology; Zero tolerance zt0350ts g10 opens up real quick.

This technology works by enabling the internal torsion bar to take over once the blade protrusion is pulled back which in turn opens the blade very quickly.  This can be quite handy if you are caught up in a matter of life and death situation.

The liner lock aids in the lock up of ZT0350. It’s perfectly executed biting in quite early but still leaves a lot of room for wear. With its sturdy and safe locking system, ZT0350 also take pride in the ability to close the knife by just using one hand.

Other Features

Comes with a limited lifetime warranty, has 7.75″ as the overall length, 3.25″ as the blade length and 0.125″ as the blade thickness. It also has a weight of 5.6 ounces which makes it quite lightweight.

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  • Impeccable cutting and blade performance thanks to its S30V stainless steel blade.
  • The G-10 handles were designed ergonomically thus incredibly comfortable during the performance.
  • The opening is quite smooth and easy because of the Speed-safe opening mechanism provision.
  • The design of 0350 is smaller, lighter, sturdier and with an added aesthetic value compared to the 0300
  • The overall fit, strength and finish are quite impressive.
  • The knife is built using state-of-art and premium materials which do not come cheaper but are long-lasting.
  • Comes with additional features including Liner Lock that is strong, Quad-Mount Pocket Clip and the Blade Coating is Tungsten DLC.
  • It’s USA-made and has a lifetime warranty.


  • The knife is a bit too heavy for EDC, but this is debatable.
  • Thumb studs are not positioned at a good spot thus enables sharp jimping whenever the thumb rises.
  • The tip-up carry is indiscreet.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: What is the ideal sharpener for ZT0350?

A: The perfect sharpener is the ceramic rod. However, when in doubt, just send it to Zero Tolerance and they’ll sharpen it for you at zero cost.

Q: Does it have a pocket clip?

A: Yes. It comes with an adjustable pocket clip with right handed, left handed, tip-up and tip-down carry options.

Q: With the Speed-Safe Assisted Opening Mechanism, what are the odds that the knife can accidentally open while in the pocket?

A: Quite low. Despite the fact that ZT0350 comes without any safety lock, enough pressure is necessary to open this knife hence it’s quite unlikely for it to open while in your pocket accidentally.

Q: Does it come with a sheath?

A: No. It’s designed as a pocket knife and comes with a well-built pocket clip.

Final Word

Zero Tolerance ZT0350TS G10 is without any qualms an outstanding knife. There is so much greatness that this knife oozes from great aesthetic value and a stellar design to the state-of-art materials used and the incredibly perfect fit and finish. This USA-made knife also comes with incredible ergonomics which is a big selling point.

ZT doesn’t compromise on quality, and the high price reflects just how much has been invested in their knives. ZT0350 provides you the value of your money, and it’s an investment worth making.

For an ECD knife, there is no reason for you to look further. The designers had the end user in mind and from the choice of materials used to the application of the latest technology; this knife intrigues inspires and performs. It’s worth giving that second look because it deserves it.

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