Why will you need an Axe in the wild?

Last Updated on May 10, 2020

Why will you need an Axe in the wild

If you love going for expeditions in the wild or even camping, you have probably found the axe to be the most efficient and most versatile tool out there.

Axe usage dates back to the ancient days when people used it for hunting and chopping up wood. Today, with its modern design, the axe still retains its usefulness while also adding more versatility.

An axe should be the first thing you think of when packing to leave for the wild. You will need it for the following:

1. Fastest Way to Get Firewood

An axe can be of great assistance if you encounter large tree logs and stumps and you need to use them to make fire. Rain and moisture usually keep tiny branches and grass wet and nonflammable.

In order to make campfire for cooking some food or for keeping wild animals at bay in the night, an axe would come in handy in cutting off wood splinters from large logs. Large logs are usually dry on the inside and thus their splinters would be dry enough to catch fire quickly, giving you some warmth for the night.

From these logs, you could also cut off firewood to keep your fire burning for a long time. However, this activity requires a strong and sturdy axe. You do not want your axe to break off when in the middle of cutting fuel for your fire.

2. Clearing Paths

While venturing into the woods, there is a high possibility that you will encounter heavy undergrowth or unclear paths, with multiple tree branches blocking the way.

An axe would be really convenient to chop off these branches and cut the big growths underneath. This would help you move faster and cover some ground.

For this task, carrying lightweight, portable and grippy axes such as tactical tomahawks would be ideal. They are light and portable enough to be carried comfortably while cutting off stuff as you walk.

3. Hunting/killing

More often than not, you will encounter animals in the wild. Some might be harmful, such as snakes, and the first instinct would be to kill them. What a better way to do that than to use your tomahawk axe.

Furthermore, killing can also be done to secure food for lunch or for the night. Some professional hunters can kill animals as big as a deer using an axe.

4. Chopping meat

After hunting, the next logical step would be to chop up the meat and roast it over the camp fire. Again, the axe finds its use here. Knives can be used to slice the meat into smaller pieces but chopping up the tough parts like the bones, is left up to the axe.

5. As a hammer

A hammer like tool can be really useful in driving down pegs for holding the camping tent. Instead of carrying a hammer, which would add more weight to your load, an axe can be used instead.

Alternatively, if you think the axe is too weak, you can chop down a sizeable wood block using your axe and use that instead to hammer down the pegs.

To assist you in your camping or outdoor activities, Combar plans to build the top quality axes and many more outdoor gears.

Final Words

Regardless of your skill level or the size of trees in the wild, an axe is a must carry tool for anyone heading into the wild. It is the first thing a camper always looks for in case something needs to be done. They have been in existence for many years, with the latest designs offering more versatility and practicality.


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