Why Do You Need Good Bicycle Lights?

Last Updated on July 5, 2020

Riding a bicycle on every day is comfortable, however, when the night comes, it is vital to have suitable lights for our night walk. Not only must be taken for possible legal sanctions that may result if you do not have them (depending on the country), but for the security they provide.

But, why do we mention that these lights should be good or of good quality? This is the fact that some cyclists use flashlights instead of special lights for bicycles, providing excellent lighting for the driver, but they are at risk that they do not see them and be prone to accidents.

Why Do You Need Good Bicycle Lights

We understand that these flashlights can be inexpensive, but they do not provide enough safety and quality as bicycle lights, which, although not as economic, are affordable and necessary to walk on any road.

Establishing the Standard

To obtain better visibility and comply with the regulations of certain countries, it is necessary to locate them in the following way:

Front Light

This white light is fundamental so that you can place it in the center of the handlebar or on one side of it; in the same way, it must be located at least 1500 millimeters from the floor, offering an amplitude of enough illumination to cover your way.


It must be red located in the back at least 350-1500 millimeters from the ground. This light is normally located above the rear wheel of the bicycle, is essential to be identified in the distance.

Different Types of Lights Available

There are many products in the current market to optimize not only the visibility of the driver but also so that drivers in other vehicles can see you at night. That is why, according to different tests, we have chosen two types of lights adaptable to your driving habits:

Led Light (Bright Beam)

These lights are very common in the market; they have an acceptable price that allows illuminating a path that is completely dark. Normally these lights are heavy, powerful and have a wide dark edge to improve the focus of the light, explaining its quality when illuminating.

In addition, it has a simple way to charge them through rechargeable batteries by USB port and to locate them due to its quick release support.

Small Security Lights

They are compact and, in fact, small, so keeping them in any bag is extremely easy. Because of its small size, its light is usually dim but sufficient to be used in nocturnal routes that are illuminated and comply with the regulation rules. However, in moments of absolute darkness, they are not recommended because their light is too low to illuminate your path.


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