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Whistler Backpacking

WHISTLER at British Columbia in Canada is a place where you can experience a lot of adventurous work (like hiking, skiing, mountain biking, sighting), but not at a single time. It depends on the weather of Whistler. Here, we are going to provide you some valuable and most essential ideas of Whistler Backpacking.

Now, “What you should carry in your backpack?”. The answer is, “It depends on the weather of Whistler when you want to be there.” Mainly Whistler is the best touring spot for two particular seasons. One is Winter, and another is Summer. So, you have to pack your bag according to the season, when you want to go.

Winter Whistler Backpacking

If you want to see the beauty of white ice-covered mountains, then you should go there in time between December and March. In this period, you can enjoy the beautiful snow falling scene and can Ski over the icy mountain. You can also take a ride of the peak to peak gondola ride and take a total view of Whistler. So now we are going to provide you the tips of whistler backpacking for winter:

  • Heavy And Fashionable Coat: If you want to go to Whistler in winter, then you must need to carry a heavy coat to keep your body warm. And try to bring a fashionable one to look good.
  • Sweaters: As a layer under your coat or jacket, you should carry sweaters to keep your body warm. Besides, for a night out sweater is perfect to wear.
  • Long Sleeve Tees: Generally, under your sweater, you need to wear a long sleeve as a layer part.
  • Pants of Denim: You should wear denim pants of good quality and colors.
  • Leggings: In a cold area for extra warmth, you should wear a legging inside your pant.
  • Knit Cap: When you are moving around an icy zone in Whistler, then it is essential to wear a knit cap. It is very irritating to wear a helmet all the time. So keep a knit cap in your budget backpack.
  • Muffler / Scarf: Keep a wool muffler or scarf in your backpack.
  • Hand Warmer: Carry a hand warmer to keep your hand warm. You may carry it in your pocket
  • Wool Socks: You have to walk and ski over there. So you need to keep your leg warm. That’s why you need to carry some wool socks in your backpack.
  • Tall And Waterproof Snow Boots: In winter, there is snow falling and ice everywhere. In that case, every step should be safe and comfortable. So, you have to take such a waterproof and tall snow boots in your backpack.
  • Bathing Suit: After an adventurous day over the mountain, you need to take a spa and relaxation in your hotel hot tub. So carry a bathing suit to recover with a good soak.

Now For Skiing Purpose, You Have To Keep Some Other Elements In Your Backpack

  • Skiing jacket: There are particular types of Jackets for skiing in the market. You should buy one and keep it in your backpack.
  • Goggles: In skiing to protect your eyes from the snow flecks, you need to wear glass.
  • Skiing boots: For skiing, you need special skiing boots to keep balance on your snowboard.
  • Skiing Helmet: For both skiing and hiking over the Whistler, you need a helmet to keep your head warm and safe.
  • Skiing Gloves: Keep skiing gloves in your backpack.

Summer Whistler Backpacking

In Summer, you can hike over there, enjoy the view of the lakeside, and go for mountain biking. For a summer traveling at Whistler, you should go there in time between March and October. So now we are going to provide you some essential tips of whistler backpacking for summer:

  • Light Jacket: Although you are going there in summer, in the night the weather of Whistler becomes cold enough. So, keep a light jacket in your backpack.
  • Sunglasses: Keep a sunglass in your backpack that will protect your eyes from the sharp sunray.
  • Hats: A good hiking hat will give you a cool look in summer at such a place.
  • Tees: You can carry tees of either short sleeve or long sleeve. You may take them both. In the night you can wear a long sleeve and in the morning the short one.
  • Quarter Pants: In the morning when you hike over there, then you should wear a Three quarter or Two-quarter pants. Besides mountain biking, you also should wear two-quarter pants.
  • Boots: In summer traveling, you may take such a regular boot.
  • Other Accessories: Some accessories (like a swimsuit, socks, hiking tools)- keep all these in your backpack.

Some Common And Important Accessories Which You Should Keep In Your Whistler Backpack, Whether In Winter Or Summer:

  • Camera: You have to carry your camera. In a place like Whistler, there have a lot of things to do. And you must want to capture those moments. So take a camera.
  • Snacks: Carry some light packed snacks in your backpack.
  • Water bottle: You must need to take water from time to time, so carry a water bottle.
  • Pet: You can take your favorite pet along with you. Like: dog.
  • Gloves: In Whistler, undoubtedly, one has to cover his full body tightly to keep his body warm. So, you should carry snow gloves. There are some gloves with touch screen pads so that you can capture photos on your smartphone. In Summer, I will also keep your hand warm in the night.
  • Helmet: Helmet will provide your head safety in both summer and winter. Besides, it also keeps your head warm and dry.

Final Words

Now, we hope you will have an overall idea of Whistler Backpacking. You should follow the list that we provided. Always remember that anything which you can carry in your hand or pocket, no need to keep them in a backpack. Try to reduce the weight of your backpack. So, go and plan with your family or team about Whistler traveling. And start your packing according to our provided directions.


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