Which Holster to Choose That’s Right for You

Last Updated on September 12, 2018

The discreet wearing is essential for all those who wish to keep their weapon out of service. But discreet port must rhyme with efficiency, security, the speed of use and discretion in all circumstances; for this, there are several options, and this article will allow you to find the platform best suited to your needs.

Following the declaration of the state of emergency, the police were allowed to carry their weapons outside their hours of service.

For clarification, this port is subject to the rules of self-defense and the regulatory provisions in force. Many of you are already equipped, but if you have not yet reached the milestone or if you want to know more information, this article is for you!

Which Holster to Choose

The Classic: Holster Inside

The tactical holster inside is a holster placed inside the pants that adapt to any outfit whatever the season. Worn at the waist, it guarantees maximum discretion. Adaptable to all body types, it can be worn on the front as well as on the back or the side.

The Timeless: Holster Shoulder

The shoulder holster is a holster placed on the side, held by an adjustable harness, which can carry his weapon and a charger.

Worn with a jacket, it perfectly meets the required criteria of comfort and discretion. Adaptable to all morphologies, it can be worn on the left or right and more or less high on the side.

Dedicated Belt

The dedicated tactical belt is a holster placed on an elasticated strap, which allows you to carry both your weapon and equipment: charger, radio, anti-aggression spray, handcuffs, tactical flashlight, etc.

Worn under a jacket or jacket, it is ideally suited to the needs of the intervention professionals as an alternative of carpenter tool belt. Adaptable to all morphologies, it is very comfortable and does not interfere with driving, running or any physical movement.

Specialized Luggage

The specific shoulder bag is a discreet and quick-access solution for carrying your concealed weapon in a suitable compartment. Passe-partout, this bag adjustable and adaptable to all morphologies is placed both in front or back.

Not completely secure, this platform is used only if the situation requires that the weapon is not directly on you.

Just as it would never occur to you to plant a nail with a wrench, it is essential to use, in the case of the discreet port, specialized equipment adapted to your needs.


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