What Do I Need to Stalk Mountain Deer?

Last Updated on September 23, 2020


What Do I Need to Stalk Mountain Deer

In the mountains, every unnecessary gram we carry in the backpack may be responsible for the fact that we have to abandon the hunt or at least that we hunt uncomfortably. After years after the roe deer, carrying roe deer, the author shows us what accessories he considers necessary.

The weight of roe deer varies greatly depending on the areas, food, etc., and can range from twenty to a few to thirty kilos (it is understood that the roe deer), about ten kilos between the heavier specimens and those that They weigh less.

A lot for such a small animal. You can estimate that your channel weighs five or six kilos less, between fifteen and twenty-five (the most usual is that it does not reach twenty), which allows you to carry it without much difficulty.

After years of carrying roe deer, I have tried many ways to do it and, depending on the distance and the terrain, they all have their pros and cons. Generally, and while I can avoid being loaded to hunt, I prefer to go out with the right thing: the stick, the rifle, some bullets and the knife, so if I collect a roe I have to drag it.

If the distance is not much, pulling it by holding it by the horns is not very expensive, but soon the pearl will make a dent in our hands, but we will change from one to another. One solution that helps to do more kilometers is to carry a rope.

I usually store the ones that come with the hams, and joining a couple of them with a stick can make a convenient handle. This procedure also has the problem that it is not comfortable to climb slopes a little steep, although to lower, we have always joked in the gang saying that a very steep hill is lowered better grabbed by a roe deer that serves as ballast.

If the route is longer, it is undoubtedly more convenient to throw the roe on our backs. Carrying it around the neck on the shoulders, the weight is fairly well distributed, and it is quite comfortable, although eczema of blood has just been made and there is also the risk that some tick will change from one tenant to another warmer.

A good option is to tie the legs of the roe deer and carry it like a bag. You can put the head of the animal between the legs to avoid taking his posthumous revenge and go Cornealing the rear with the wobble all the way.

If you do not have a rope, you can make a fix with the belt, as long as it is not essential for the pants to remain in place.

The system to which the experienced coursers converge after years of hardship is to be done with a backpack of great capacity, the classic one of the mountaineer, or those of canvas or felt Austrian round.

In this type of backpacks a roe deer enter without problems, and, although I resist hunting carrying a bag, I recognize that they are the best option, besides formidable support to shoot.

If you opt for this possibility, you must take the precaution of very well or rear the meat, and we are going to load it in the carcass or exploded so that it enters better and removes weight.

It is important that the meat loses its heat because if you put the recently dead roe, there are many chances that it will spoil. The use of plastic bags is not recommended and other material that transpires, such as fabric, is preferable.

What Do I Need to Stalk Mountain Deer

Backpacks and Kitbag What Do We Take?

If there is no need to carry camping equipment, the classic hunting bag can be used to fit the essentials and many other things. In loaded backpacks, it is best to put the heavier things close to your back to balance. It is also advisable to put in plastic bags what should not be wet.

Large capacity backpacks: A large capacity backpack in the style of mountaineers, or felt bag type, is very useful to put the whole roe, or if you intend to camp in the field and need to load with sack and tent, more groceries, etc.

Finding the balance between the weight and the utility of the implements that are loaded is the key. Both backpacks and kitbag are sensational props when it comes to shooting.

Hand saw

Rope and carabiner: A piece of rope like the one used to hang the hams, with a carabiner can be very useful among other things, to transport the dead roe deer or to hang and cut it.

Jacket:   A light warm garment can be appreciated, in the mountains during roe deer season you can refresh at dawn or dusk, even when the weather is good during the day.

Flashlight or Front

Waterproof and foldable cap:

  • Canvas Bag: A lightweight canvas bag type mat to put the meat.
  • Lighter
  • Knife and a small sharpening stone.
  • Photo camera

Documentation:  Hunting license of the corresponding community, identity card, permit of weapons, rifle guide, hunting insurance, permit of the preserve, papers of the seal; Finally, it should be done with a large portfolio.

Precinct:  Another bureaucratic requirement that should not be forgotten. It is advisable not to bend it so that it does not break inside the backpack.

Issuer:  A station if you hunt with more people, or mobile if we have coverage, can get us out of trouble.

Hooks: Some metal hooks to hang the roe deer are very practical.

Notepad:  A notebook and a pencil to record data such as roe deer and zones, measures of the deer hunted or any incident.

Razor:  With knife blade and corkscrew at least. The modern multipurpose pliers are very useful.

Binoculars:  Some light binoculars of eight or ten magnifications is enough. The observation of wild nature at a distance is one of the great attractions of the stalking.

The Taco:  A container with cold food to the taste of the consumer is greatly appreciated in the field at mid-morning when it has gotten up early.

Canteen: Do not forget. Water can be very necessary.


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