Last Updated on September 23, 2020

What are polarized glasses: Polarized glasses continue to gain popularity. They protect the human eye from the effects of sun glare. This will prevent eye problems and improve vision. We will tell you what are polarized glasses is and how to check it.

What are Polarized Glasses

What are Polarized Glasses

Some manufacturers of sunglasses sell models with polarizing filters. These filters help protect your eyes from the negative effects of sun glare resulting from the reflection of rays from water, snow, roofs of houses, roads, and other horizontally located surfaces.

Also, such glasses increase a person’s vision when fishing or driving a car. But is this filter really useful? To answer the question, we will examine the effect of glare on human vision and the specifics of their direction.

What Are Polarization Lenses?

These are lenses with a layered structure, inside of which there is a transparent film. It is this film that filters glare. In fakes, it is glued on only 1-side, so after a while, it quickly peels off. Filtering the reflected glare depends on the direction in which the sun’s rays are reflected – horizontally or vertically.

Light reflected vertically allows a person to recognize colors and shades, so polarized glasses pass it. The fact is that between the molecules of the film, there are vertical gaps through which light enters.

Advantages of Polarized Glasses:

  • Lower eye strain;
  • Protect eyesight from reflected glare near water or snowy places;
  • Increase vision and improve the clarity of the visible image;
  • Contribute to more excellent driving safety.

From the Negative Sides, We Can Distinguish:

  • Relatively high price for polarized glasses;
  • Deterioration in the visibility of signs on the road and the perception of light coming from sidelights;
  • Some inconvenience when working with a device with an LCD screen (often the picture darkens).

What is the Difference From Ordinary Sunglasses?

Glasses with ordinary lenses only reduce the intensity of light, while glare does not stop and continues to harm the eyesight of a person. Some companies apply the anti-reflective coating to glasses. However, this does not fully protect the eyes.

In fact, Polarized glasses with polarization, like ordinary sunglasses, protect a person’s eyes from the negative effects of ultraviolet radiation and block more than 50% of sunlight. But the polarizing filter also fights horizontal beams, from which glare appears. Often athletes, fishers, and outdoor enthusiasts use such glasses.

How to Check Polarized Glasses?

Now on the market, a huge number of fakes for glasses with polarization. Moreover, these fakes are sold at the prices of original products. To check Polarized glasses, ask the seller to bring one more of these points. Now lean both pairs of glasses with lenses against each other; 1 of the products should be at right angles to the other. Now look at the clearance, it should become dark. Remember that the axis of rotation lies right in the center of the lenses.

You can do this at home. Put on your polarized glasses and look at any LCD screen. If the product has a polarizing filter, then the image should darken.

How Long Will Polarized Glasses Last?

In many ways, the quality and life of the Polarized glasses depend on the manufacturer. To minimize the risk of running into low-quality products, we advise you to buy glasses from a well-known brand, for which their own reputation is above all. But improper storage of the product can shorten its useful life.

Here Are Some Basic Tips for Using Polarized Glasses:

  • Store the product in a good cause. Outside it should be hard and strong, and inside – soft.
  • Clean your glasses with a soft cloth; it should come with the product.
  • Do not put glasses with lenses on the surface, and this will lead to scratches and other defects.
  • If the lenses are very dirty, we advise you to wash them with soap and dry well.

At times, we save on our health, which is absolutely impossible. Eyes are among the most vulnerable and unprotected human organs. Therefore, it is essential to take care of their protection and to maintain vision in optimal conditions. It is not so difficult to damage the organs of vision, and it is tough to restore. Thanks to this, polarizing glasses continue to gain popularity. Also, they are advised by oculists.

Final Words

Now there are quite a few high-quality manufacturers of such products. However, the possibility of buying a fake, which can be sold at the price of original products, is not ruled out. Therefore, we advise you to check the points before buying carefully. So you do not spend the extra money and protect your eyes from ultraviolet radiation. But we recommend that you check for polarization and those glasses that you now wear.


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