Ultimate Secret to Use Your Vacuum Cleaner for a Long Time

Last Updated on April 28, 2020

use your Vacuum Cleaner for a long time


Vacuum cleaners do take a little bit of maintenance for lasting a long time. It has been noticed that in general, people who perform vacuum cleaner maintenance on regular basis, not only prolongs the life of the device but also gets effective cleaning out of it.

There are some basic points, which when remembered can prove to be useful in maintaining the health of vacuum cleaners. These simple steps are neglected by most but attending to these will definitely be worth it.

How to maintain

Maintenance definitely depends of what kind of vacuum cleaner one is using. Most of the steps are covered in instruction manuals which come with these products. Most of these are simple steps, like mentioned below:

Clear and clean the bag

Keeping the filter bag clean is absolutely a no-brainer. Cleaning the bags out properly keeps the flow inside the vacuum normal. This in turn helps the motor to function properly without getting overloaded.

Most blown motors in vacuum cleaners are a result of blockage inside the flow zones. Reusable bags do have a limited number of cleaning that can be done on them. So, changing these bags according to usage instruction should not be overlooked.

In case of bagless vacuum cleaners, one can easily clean and wash the dirt chamber or dirt canister properly making sure that no debris or dust remains inside.

When washing the bags and canisters, make sure they are completely dry, before attaching them back to the cleaner. These parts are better cleaned after every use to ensure the proper working of the system.

After cleaning the dust holding system bag or bag less, whichever it is; putting it back together must be done properly. If not, the system may break down altogether without warning.

Cleaning the filters

As with filters, one should make sure that filters are cleaned often, if not daily. Filters are an essential part of a vacuum cleaner. A clean filter allows good airflow and also prevents motor overheating.

Microfiber filter pads which are mostly used in good vacuum cleaners catches a lot of dirt and minute particles which gives a rather clean exhaust air. Not cleaning filters thus usually result in reduced performances, busted motor and also stale odor.

Checking movable parts

Vacuum cleaners come with a variety of attachments and moving parts. Yes, this includes the body, cords, hose, brushes and other attachments too.Regular inspection and maintenance should be carried out to make sure of the amount of wear and tear occurring.

Cleaning the brush roll

Cleaning the brush roll of any pet hairs or other debris should be done regularly; if possible, after every cleaning activity. This helps in keeping the brush roll clean and thus keeping the performance optimal.

This is essential for vacuums with motorized brush roll, since if the brush roll is having any kind of obstacle it might make the motor malfunction.

Checking the Belt

Motorized brush rolls have a belt inside which aids in moving “roll” the brushes. This part should be serviced and keeping a keen eye over it for degrading quality. A healthy belt will appear “intact” and shiny while a belt with wear and tear may become thin or rough.

If the vacuum cleaner is used daily, a belt replacement once in 2-3 months is just about fine. If it is used two or three times in a week, the general consensus is replacing the belt every 6 months or so.

Thus, visual checking is very important in this regard. The procedure of replacing the belt is easy but in different models it might be a slight different but should not require any technical excellence.

Cleaning the brushes

Brushes can be cleaned with any specified cleaning liquid or disinfectant. Hairs and strings can be removed by a brush or by tweezers in case they are firmly tangled.

As mentioned before, a thorough cleaning takes a few minutes and also beneficial to the overall system and keeps performance optimal. An inspection for wear and tear of brushes will let one know when to get the part serviced or replaced.

Checking the Hose

The hose can be the reason of a lot of difficulties one may face with a vacuum cleaner. One can peer down one end of the hose to check if the tunnel is clear just to make sure everything is in order. Many-a-time objects might get caught in the hose leading to things such as low air suction in vacuum cleaners. Also, a slightly cracked hose may result in constant loss of suction power.

Vacuum cleaners come with lots of attachments and special parts such as pet brushes, extendable hose or other utility attachments. These attachments, especially the ones that are used quite often should be checked regularly for instances of damage or wear.

The Power Cord

The power cords after being used for quite some time may become damaged. The best way for fixing this problem is to replace the power cord. Many people tape them and continue usage. This poses risk to the people working with and around the device, not to mention, the device itself.

In a very limited amount of cases where the power cord cannot be replaced, the guidance of an expert electrician can be sought after, and the power cord fixed accordingly.

Other small things that matter

The vacuum cleaner is a sophisticated piece of machinery which is unfortunately not immune to abuse like falling down and mishandled. Sure, to some degree things may work fine but things can easily break if it is not used for the intended purpose only.

If one is storing the vacuum for a long time, it is a good idea to thoroughly clean everything, disassemble all the parts and then stored safely in a clean and moisture and dust free environment.

If something happens to be wrong with the vacuum cleaner and the issue cannot be identified easily, taking the vacuum to the service center or an expert is a better way than trying to fix it by oneself.

Also, using the vacuum when it already has some unfixed problem might result in complete malfunction of the system.

use your Vacuum Cleaner for a long time

Final Words

The above steps mentioned has hopefully covered most of the details about how to maintain your vacuum cleaner and use it for a long time. Like every piece of machinery, a vacuum cleaner also needs maintenance and looking after.

These steps need not be expensive and can remove a lot of headache and problems one may face, resulting in prolonged life and effectiveness of the machine.


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