Ugly Stik Elite Spinning Rod Reviews

Last Updated on March 1, 2019

Ugly Stik Elite Spinning Rod

Sensitivity is a crucial factor while catching fishes with a fishing rod. It is also a decisive factor in fishing rod quality. Many a time, a fish takes the bait, and the angler doesn’t even realize.

It happens due to the rod not being sensitive enough to react to the pulling of the bait and pressure on it. So, to have a good fishing time, full of excitement and fishes the angler requires a spinning rod which offers maximum sensitivity.

Ugly Stik Elite Spinning Rod is one such fishing rod which offers increased sensitivity and sturdy enough to fight and catch the biggest of fishes.

It is ideal for the newbie and the most skilled anglers as well. We are now going to discuss the features, goods, and bads of this fishing rod in detail.

Features of the Ugly Stik Elite Spinning Rod


Ugly Stik is known for their well-constructed spinning rods. Compared to their original spinning rod, this Elite spinning rod offers increased sensitivity.

It hardly misses the fish biting and takes faster action to let the angler know a fish has taken the bait. It is extremely sensitive to feel the slightest of nibble and a light pull on the fishing line.

The sensitivity increases the number of fishes an angler catches during a couple of hours of fishing. It increases the enthusiasm and holds the excitement in a rather dull monotonous angling session.

Lightweight and Durable

It is lightweight and made of indestructible fiberglass with 35 percent more graphite. It can be held comfortably for a long time without aching the hand. Though it is a lightweight rod, the quality and toughness are intact.

It is durable and comes with a 7-year warranty. This flexible and anti-corrosion fishing rod can be used in both fresh water and salt water. After every saltwater use washing the rod with freshwater is compulsory. It increases the rod’s lifespan.


It can be used with all types of fishing lines hence a versatile spinning rod. It works perfectly with monofilament, fluorocarbon fishing line and braided fishing line as well.

The braided fishing line gets tricky, but after a few uses and getting familiar with it, the braided line also works perfectly fine. The reel seat is exposed and blank styled and has a cushioned stainless steel hood.

It is an affordable spinning rod which provides professional performance. It is so easy to handle and versatile that it encourages beginners and make angling easy for them.

Cork Handle

The rod has used premium cork in its handle. It provides an excellent grip and extreme comfort. The hold on the rod is smooth due to the cork handle, and it ensures reliable hooksets.

It doesn’t make the hands uncomfortable and slippery due to long hours of holding it neither it slips out of hand when used with the wet hands. The logo etched on the handle gives the rod a sleek and stylish look.

Clear Tip Design and Stainless Steel Guides

The guides are made of stainless steel. It is one-piece, therefore eliminates insert pop-outs and the inner materials do not snap out from the guides all of a sudden.

The precise tip design responds to every nibble on the fishing line and catching the fishes become easy and exciting. The sensitivity due to the clear tip design makes it an ideal spinning rod for the professionals as well as the beginners.


  • Premium cork handle
  • Increased sensitivity
  • Lightweight
  • Stainless steel guides
  • 7-year warranty


  • Reel seat doesn’t support larger spinning reels

Final Words

This spinning rod has some pretty basic features but what makes it the best among the rest is the quality and detailing followed in its construction. Once the angler takes it in his hand and uses it, that is when the performance speaks for itself.

The quality is commendable, and sensitivity deserves praises. So, our suggestion will be to try this spinning rod once and experience the maximum angling performance.


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