Types of Paddle Boards

Last Updated on August 20, 2020

Everyone loves to relax, and that’s why most people love paddleboarding. It offers people to propel through the beautiful scenery at their speed while standing more or less on the water. And in this way, they find the moment of relaxation (which is almost meditative) while crossing the landscape.

Again some people love surfing as it is another way of the workout. It helps to burn fat and strengthens the muscles while rowing. And some use it as yoga board; some use it as the racing board. So, the perspective of surfing can be many, but everyone enjoys it.

Types of Paddle Boards

Sometimes some surfers can’t make out successful surfing as they don’t have the suitable paddle board. As you see, there are different types of paddleboards which are used for different purposes. And here people make a mistake by choosing the wrong one.

That’s why it is essential to think about what kind of activities you want to do before purchasing a paddleboard. Here we have discussed various types of paddleboards so that you can understand how they work and how to choose.

All-Around Paddle Board

The all-around paddle board is an excellent paddle for beginners and those who do not know what kind of paddle suits them best. These are very stable and designed to handle most conditions, for example, flat water or tiny waves. They are less agile than surfboards and much slower than touring paddle boards.

If you want to learn how to stand up paddle board and are looking for a simple but excellent paddle, then you may choose this versatile paddle board.

As you see, some people love racing, and others love surfing. So, most of them get confused at the time of choosing paddle boards. But you can ignore the confusion by selecting all around paddle board.

Flatwater Paddle Board

It is a perfect paddle board for paddling in flat water and also suitable to travel very long distances. These flatwater paddle boards are usually longer and narrower than an all-around board, and it is smaller than a touring board.

If you are interested in a rowing trip where you camp along the coast, flat water paddles can be a great option. In general, they are faster than the all-around paddle or surf paddle boards and robust enough to accommodate extra gear.

Again many paddle boards come with a storage area where you can store a tent, a sleeping bag, and other equipment. And if you choose a route downwind, you will be amazed at how quickly you can travel long distances with a flat water paddle board.

Race Paddleboard

Race paddle boards tend to be longer and slimmer. These boards are specially designed to reduce the drag so that you get maximum speed. And the manufacturer uses lightweight materials so that it can go faster.

This type of board requires a bit of modification though. For example, you need to use a displaced hull as it helps to cut the water without problems. And it will reduce the drag without you having to deal with volume fallbacks.

Although beginners find it difficult to use, the paddle board is still in the favorite list of most of them. If someone spends a few weeks in the waves, he can comfortably use the board. Also, once you have learned how to use it, you will start enjoying it.

Touring Paddle Board

Touring paddle board is similar to a flat water paddle board. It is mainly used for long distances traveling or racing. This paddle board can easily cut the water because of having a long and narrow design. And it requires an experienced paddler to maneuver as it is less stable than most other boards. That’s why we don’t recommend touring paddle board for beginners.

Fishing Paddle Board

Fishing paddle boards are incredibly stable and have plenty of space to store tackle gears. Again they often offer more freedom of movement than a fishing kayak, but beginners must be careful not to lose their balance. And some fishing paddle boards have rod holders, built-in storage space and even side extensions that increase stability.

The only drawback of these paddle boards is that they are not agile and row much slower than others. Overall, they are an excellent option for beginner paddlers who need an excellent board.

Surf Paddle Board

If you live near the beach or if you are already a surf enthusiast, you should purchase a surf paddle board. These boards come in different sizes and tend to paddle slowly but are very easy to maneuver.

They generally have a more elaborate egg shape, while the other rowing paddle boards are longer and narrower. And beginners should choose a longer surfboard, and they should practice in improving their strokes as well as balance before paddling into waves. Without knowing well the different parts of a wave and it will be difficult to maneuver the surf paddle board.

Yoga Paddle Board

Yoga on a paddleboard is a great way to improve balance and stability. Also, it adds the element of novelty and pleasure.

Although there are few special yoga paddleboards on the market, every single surfboard or all-around board will suite yogis need. To use them as yoga board, you need to add a traction pad on the top of the board. Otherwise, it will be too slippery to hold.

Although most surfers use surf wax as a handle on the paddle board, it is not suitable though. However, you should remember that stability is the most critical factor when choosing a paddle board for yoga.

Inflatable Paddle Board

Inflatable paddle boards are suitable for beginners or those who are looking for a versatile and elegant paddle. As the manufacturer has specially designed the paddleboard, you can correctly store them in your home. And you can take the paddle board in any sized vehicle.

Even the Inflatable paddle board can also be taken on trips or flights much more easily. So, now you don’t need to carry anymore the paddle board on the roof rack or trailer of a vehicle. Again these paddle boards are very easy to use. You need to inflate the paddle board with a pump as you do with an air mattress, that’s it!

Final Words

There are different types of paddle boards available in the market. And it is hard to find the best one that can match the needs until you know how to choose a paddle board. We recommend you to check the type of materials which has been used to make the paddle board. That means you need to research thoroughly before purchasing one.

Besides that, you can also take expert surfer’s advice; therefore selecting a paddleboard becomes more natural to you. However, surfing can bring immense pleasure, if you surf with a good paddle board. Otherwise, you can’t properly enjoy it.


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