Types of Fixed Blade Knives

Last Updated on September 14, 2018

Hunting knife is primarily meant to help you process meat after a kill. A good hunting knife can also be used to carry out some secondary activities such as digging and cutting small tree branches etc., making it crucial for survival in the wild. However, not all hunting knives can do all these.

There are several types of hunting knives but the two most basic ones are folding knives, which are generally smaller and weaker (due to their folding characteristic) and fixed blade knives, which are generally larger and stronger. With this in mind, most people would argue that fixed blade knives are the best hunting knives because of their strength, which makes them more versatile.

However, before buying your best fixed blade knife, it is important to select the one that suits your hunting needs. The types of fixed blade knives to choose from include:

1. Bowie Knife

Types of Fixed Blade Knives

Bowie knives are the most popular types of fixed blade hunting knives. They are generally large, with long and wide blades that have very sharp clip points. They were originally used for fighting but in hunting, they are very useful in puncturing the skin or other internal parts such as the intestines.

2. Skinning Knife

Types of Fixed Blade Knives

As the name suggests, this knife is designed to peel the skin, separating it from the meat and fat on the animal’s body. It has a raised clip point that keeps the knife from tearing them into skin. You can identify such a knife from its short and thin blade, which is meant to cut through with ease. It should also have a curved end, which raises the clip point and well gripping handles, to keep your hands steady even with slippery fats and blood pouring onto them.

3. Boning Knife

Types of Fixed Blade Knives

A boning knife is characterized by a long and narrow blade, with a sharp clip point at the end. Its length makes it ideal for extracting meat from bones because it keeps your hands safe from being cut with sharp pieces of bones as the knife penetrates in between them. Its narrow blade enables it to penetrate into tight areas, removing chunks of meat quite easily.

4. Caping Knife

Types of Fixed Blade Knives

If you are hunting for trophy, you will need a tool that will slice off the neck while also keeping it intact and preserved. The caping knife features a small blade and a flat clip point, which makes it ideal for slicing animal necks without distorting the outline shape of the sliced parts.

5. Camp Knife

Types of Fixed Blade Knives

A camp knife is generally a multipurpose tool that is designed to help you with most of the tasks related to setting up camp. It is characterized by a very strong blade that is quite thick to enable you dig holes for pegs, cut, split and strip trees for ropes and clear bushes.


It is quite impossible to produce a knife that is all rounded and can help you carry out all hunting related activities when outdoors. Although these knives can be used to carry out multiple tasks, each type of knife is specifically designed to excel in one particular area. Therefore, before buying your fixed blade hunting knife, choose the type of knife that bests suits your hunting needs.



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