Why You Have to Try Hiking at Night Under the Full Moon

Last Updated on July 16, 2020

I started walking with the moonlight when I was a teenager through the streets and fields near the city. Later I discovered that if I scheduled my trips to the mountain to coincide with the full moon, I could walk every night. The two main motivations for doing this are the adventure and the mystery of night trekking, as well as the practical advantages that it has.

Try Hiking at Night Under the Full Moon

Hiking in the Moonlight: a Unique Experience

It is a great experience to walk in the stillness of the mountain on a full moon night. The first time I did this on a backpacking trip was on a five-day walk. Every night I slept beside a lake, sheltered by a rock, in the shelter of a shelter, waking up when the cold bothered me. Then he walked easily for the rest of the night in the light of the moon.

This meant getting up between two and four in the morning and walking the rest of the night. I was moving during the coldest part of the night, so I had a lighter sleeping bag on this trip. In fact, since there was no cloud in the sky during those five days, he simply slept outdoors, without a tent or tarp every night. Most afternoons I spent a good nap quietly in the sun to get back to sleep.

Walking at night means you will not find other people on the road. The crowded trails were not really a problem where I was, but I liked to hike in the moonlight. It really can be something to take into account to avoid the crowds of many of the Parks -imagine avoiding the trail of people on the way to the Horsetail in Ordesa. Sometimes it’s good to have the trails and the entire mountain for you.

You can walk many kilometers at night, without any problem with the high temperatures of the day in many places. We must take this into account if our route goes through places where temperatures rise above thirty and many degrees throughout the day.

When the sky is clear, and the moon is full, or throughout the three days of its fullness, the light of the moon is bright enough to walk on the fairly open terrain. In areas of dense forest, you may need a flashlight to help you. Also on very cloudy days.

If you try, plan your trek along with the full moon (if you can). Keep in mind the moment when the moon rises. Approximately one hour after the moon’s departure, you will have enough light to walk, unless it is too cloudy (something else to check).

When I walked in the moonlight, I could clearly see animal tracks on the damp ground along the shore of the lakes. The lakes reflect the moon, the owls descend almost without sound, and the animals move among the bushes as they pass by.

The many shadows hide things, but you walk on them, leaving these little mysteries unsolved. The trees and rocks take on a different and more marked appearance than during the day. Walking through the moonlight is a beautiful and unique experience.


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