Tips for Sleeping in a Tent

Last Updated on July 16, 2020

If you have already experienced sleeping in a secure tent, you have already gone through difficult times when it comes to falling asleep. While there are people who sleep in any environment unrelated to their surroundings, in contrast, there are people who suffer from insomnia or other sleep disorders during the holidays. This sleep problem is accentuated more in those who decide to stay in a tent. How to achieve a good rest in a tent? Discover how to sleep well in a campsite with these practical tips for Sleeping in a Tent.

Tips for Sleeping in a Tent

Camping environments are widely used thanks to its economic cost and the possibility of being in direct contact with nature outdoors; however, there are certain complications at bedtime. Insomnia is a possible consequence when trying to sleep. Here are some tips to have a good sleep in a tent.

Outdoor Noise

The campsites tend to be spaces with a lot of people, which implies that the rules of coexistence are very important. However, in summer the schedules are disrupted and the celebrations too. Outside noise can disturb sleep, so it is advisable to camp in an area away from celebratory areas (barbecues, etc.), entrance, and other common services.


Before placing the tent it is important to prepare the surface to remove any element that may affect the sleep such as stones, branches, etc. In addition, it is recommended to place a plastic sheet between the base of the tent and the ground to isolate the temperature and humidity of the ground and prevent it from passing to the body during sleep.

Mattresses or Mattresses

Take care of your body and your postures through the use of ergonomic mats or another type of mattress or mattress. Inflatable mattresses are also very effective as they maintain body heat.

The Temperature

Leveling the temperature of the body with the outside is complicated at the time of falling asleep in a tent. In periods of excessive heat, try to put a damp cloth on your forehead or nape to get a good rest.

If, on the other hand, it is cold, try to warm up the body with blankets and doing some exercise before going to sleep inside the tent, such as lifting legs and lowering them, etc. The choice of a good sleeping bag will also help solve these types of problems, read the features before buying one.


Choose the most appropriate bedding for the time of year, you should feel maximum comfort at bedtime. At the time of falling asleep in a tent follow these tips and get a good rest.


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