Tips for Choosing the Perfect Mountain Boots

Last Updated on June 14, 2020

With the intention of throwing and help with the madness of the mountain boots, in this article we are going to give you a series of useful tips when looking for the perfect boots. Because choosing the perfect mountain boots is not a trivial matter.

When you go to the mountain, the boots are the most important part of the team, we can not forget that this trekking consists basically of walking. And it has to be a real pleasure. Some of the best excursions to take our boots for a walk are these routes by lakes of the Pyrenees.

tips for choosing the perfect mountain boots

The mountain hooks. Once the bug has been bitten, it can no longer be stopped. The landscapes, the spaces, the animals, the tranquility and the pure nature touch us a little bit the heart and it does not matter to have to sweat the fat drop to reach that hill, that Ibsen or the top of your dreams

But to fully enjoy this wonderful sport it is essential to dress our feet in the perfect boots. A footwear that takes care of our feet, that protects us from the water and the cold, that does not slide and has good grip, but above all, a boot with which we feel comfortable. Boots with which to do all the roads.

The problem comes when choosing boots. For both beginners and those who already have a few routes in their legs, the time to choose a mountain boots for women or men can become a real ordeal.

The huge variety of brands, types, models, and qualities can drive anyone crazy. You only have to see the range of prices; you can find mountain boots from $ 25 to more than $ 500.

How to Choose Some Hiking Boots

Given the overwhelming offer, what is the first thing that has to be taken into account?

The answer to this question must necessarily start with another question: what do you want to do with the mountain boots? That is, what kind of activity is going to be carried out. You do not need the same boots who usually walk on forest tracks who want to climb to the top of the mountain.

At this point and in a general way we can distinguish four “classes” of hikers:

  • Hiking trails through forest tracks and land in good condition, with little elevation.
  • Hiking along stony routes, with a brush, branches, and slopes.
  • Trekking or hiking off the trails, with good slopes and climbing sections.

A Mountain Boots for Each Activity

Once you have clear the type of routes you want to do with your boots, then we have to consider the important characteristics of mountain boots :

The Length of the Cane

There are two types of cane length, those of half cane with about 12 centimeters high and those of high cane that is about 16 centimeters high.

Type of Sole

It is the most important part of a boot and must always be non-slip and provided with cleats. The most popular sole is the Vibram that guarantees maximum grip and resistance. Many brands, such as Columbia have designed their own soles, grip, with the same features as Vibram.

Hardness of the Boot

The hardness of the boot can be soft, semi-rigid or rigid depending on how hard they are. The more stiffness the more restraint, but they are also more uncomfortable.

Membrane Classes

The membrane will protect the foot from moisture and sweat. The most well-known and popular membrane is the Gore-tex, with a high impermeability and remarkable perspiration, keeping the foot dry during the walks. As in the case of soles, some brands have created their own Gore-tex with some success.

With all this information and always with the intention of making it easy and save work, we have designed a simple and understandable picture, so that whatever your activity you will find the perfect mountain boots:

In addition to these variable characteristics depending on the activity to be carried out, one must also take into account a series of characteristics that all mountain boots must have regardless of the use that is going to be given to them.

Interior of the Boot

The mountain boots should be, mainly, comfortable and comfortable. The interior and the template of each brand and each model can be significantly different and be more or less comfortable depending on your type of foot and the type of footprint. That is why it is very essential to always try on boots.

The Size of the Boots

A mountain boot should be loose but always providing a good grip of the foot. When we try them it is important that the fingers do not touch the toe of the boot and that there are a few millimeters of space left.

This must be so because, especially in the descents, our foot can move a little forward, if the boots do not have that margin, we will have a pain not recommended. Buying the boots for hunting or other purposes half number over our number can be a good idea.

Last but not least, in mountain boots you do not have to make savings. It is a durable shoe and will be your companions on many walks. Do not trust big bargains, do not buy them without trying them, look for specialized brands, and enjoy the mountains.


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