Tips and Tricks for Hunting With a Bow From a Tree

Last Updated on June 23, 2020

Many are the necessary aspects that you must take into account to choose the right tree to prepare your hunting position with a bow, always attending to vital factors so as not to fail in your choice. Put yourself in a zone with visibility, where you do not throw in the air, control the possible entrances of the animals to the trough, and choose an adequate position to make your wait comfortable.

Tips and Tricks for Hunting

1. Choose the Appropriate Location

First of all, you have to choose the point where to stand and use the ladder stand, having to watch steps, inlets, feeders, baths, for which you can undoubtedly use the latest model of binoculars.

Next, the tree to be climbed must be well chosen, something complicated in reality, since it is not the same to do it in a step that oriented towards sowing or feeding. Look for a large tree to place the post.

2. Keep Visibility

The height at which you must place the hunting position is paramount. You have to do it at the right height to be able to cover yourself, but without losing sight of the place where the animal will pass.

The best thing is to choose a crossing of branches (one is not enough) from where to control what happens around without the animal detecting anything.

If you are waiting at a feeding trough, locate yourself in an area where you see the feeder clearly and use one of the standard chairs that exist in the market as one of the best models of the Treestand brand.

3. Act Safely

Falling from this height can lead to serious injuries, so it is best to take precautions. You have to tie a rope or a harness to the nearest thicker and central branch, at a distance from the ground to feel safe. Finally, you can add a few self-tapping Ameistep Grizzly steps to facilitate the up and down

4. Choose a Camouflage Dress

The tree should be leafy enough not to be exposed and seen. A slight movement and will be seen by the animal, putting an end to the long wait. Simply remove a few branches in front to be able to shoot and how much higher is the hunter more covered will be. That’s why we recommend different models of camouflage and hunting equipment to go unnoticed and not be seen.

5. Do Not Make Noise

It is not a bad idea to go days before the wait for the chosen place to eliminate as much leaf litter as possible from the foot of the tree. Also, the branches that can collide with the weapon when aiming (without removing those that can betray you). If self-tapping steps are used, it is best to make sure they are well fixed to the tree and neither move nor make noise.

6. Put Comfortable. But Do Not Relax

The waiting can be long, being in the same position without movement for several hours. It is necessary to adore a comfortable position but that does not invite to fall asleep, losing the prey. An alternative is to sit on a branch with a fixed plank below to support the feet, placing a blanket over it.


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