Things to Carry While Traveling on Desert

Last Updated on March 8, 2020

If you are an outdoor lover, then you’ve probably thought about exploring the desert. Deserts are great adventure destinations where you experience nature at its best. It is like you are embracing and inhaling the power of the universe and dealing with it, probably away from all means of technology.

You are probably traveling with a group and having all the sleeping issues sorted out. But you still want to know what you should pack in your backpack. Whether you are exploring the White and Black Deserts in Egypt, Kicking it at one of the amazing Private Morocco Tours or trekking in the Salvador Dali Desert in Bolivia, there are a few things that you must add to your desert survival kit. They are essential to keep you safe and to help you enjoy your time to the maximum.

Things to Carry While Traveling on Desert


It doesn’t have to be burning warm to use your sunscreen. The UV rays reflect off the sand or even snow on hitting your skin. Apply your sunscreen regularly to your face, neck, and hands. Having chapped lips is rather painful especially if they start to bleed. There are some lip balms with sun protection properties that will keep your lips protected.

Right Clothing

Wearing long-sleeved tops and long hiking pants actually help to protect your body from the sun exposure. Wear white or reflective clothing that won’t absorb the heat or the light. Don’t forget your hiking hat to protect your face. Some hats will also protect the back of your neck which can get badly burnt after a long hike. Remember that it also gets very cold at night, so you might want to add some warmth. A windbreaker jacket and thermals can do the job.

A scarf is an essential item. Shawls are so varied; they can be utilized to cover the back of your neck from the sun or can be worn on top of the hat for extra protection. It will be the best to keep you warm when the night cold hits. It also protects your face during sandstorms. Remember that these are slightly unpredictable and the sand can hurt your face and eyes.


Pick the right hydration backpack to keep all your gear properly sorted out. Make sure that your pack has a ventilation or air flow system at the back. You will be shouldering it for many hours, and you are most likely going to get hot and sweaty. Such a system will keep you comfortable and cool.

Pick a pack with a hydration system. Having regular access to water without having to stop to look for your hydration bladder is a big plus. Staying hydrated is one of the most things that you shouldn’t ignore when you are exploring the desert.

Things to Carry While Traveling on Desert

Walking poles

They provide you that more extra support you need when you are walking up dunes. They give that extra something to hold onto even when you have the best lightweight hiking shoes. Mainly at the last of the day when you are getting tired and still haven’t reached the designated camp base, your walking poles will ensure that you don’t slip.

First Aid Kit

Your hiking first aid kit should contain some bandage materials, an insect repellent, and rehydration sachets. A pair of tweezers or pliers can come in handy in case you deal with cactus spines.

These are some of the essentials that will guarantee you spend a wonderful time in the desert. It is an excellent chance for self-exploration and reflecting upon one of the mightiest forces known to man.


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