The Complete Kayak Fishing Gear List

Last Updated on September 8, 2020

Kayak fishing refers to catching fishes from a canoe or kayak which has been very popular nowadays. To arrange a kayak fishing trip, you will need both transportation and fishing gear. If you miss any of your fishing gears or essential items, you have to go back to your home to bring it. But if your home is far away from the kayaking spot, you will have no other options except canceling the kayaking trip.

So, proper planning with a complete checklist is mandatory to save your time, energy, and cost. If you are a beginner, you may get confused about which items you should bring for kayak fishing. We are covering a complete list of the essential elements in this article to help you out in this regard.

1. Kayaking Equipment

  • Kayak: Make sure that you have selected kayaks which are specifically designed for catching fishes. SOT kayaks are best for fishing due to their wider size, more storage, more comfortability compared to the traveling kayaks.
  • Paddle: Bring the right paddle, which is light, flexible, and durable. Such a paddle will help you to avoid pain on your arm and shoulders in the long run.
  • Paddle leash: Helps to tether the paddle to the boat. It is one kind of strap that helps to lock your feet on to the paddle no matter how strong the wind or wave is.
  • Paddle clip: It clips and secures the paddle to the kayak, so there will be no chance to lose the paddle.
  • Kayak cart: It enables the user to move the kayak quickly.
  • Anchor system: It is essential to start fishing, go swimming, or start relaxing against the wind and raging stream.
  • Kayak light: It enables the user to see the way at night as well as gives signals to the other boats for avoiding collisions.

2. Fishing Gears

  • Gaff and net: They are mandatory for catching fishes.
  • Fishfinder: It helps you to determine the position of possible fishes. You don’t have to check beneath the water cluelessly. As a result, you will catch more fishes with minimum effort.
  • Drift chute: Helps to catch fishes while drifting
  • Pliers: It is an essential tool for attaching lures and removing fishes from the hook.
  • Hook remover: This tool extracts the lure hook safely from the mouth of fishes.
  • Scale with fish grip: It helps to hold the fishes and measures the length, weight of fishes.
  • Fishing rod and fishing reel: These items enable you to catch fishes with the hands effortlessly.
  • Fishing rod holder: It clips and secures the fishing rod to the canoe so that you can go hands-free.
  • Rod holder: There are a lot of rod holders for different kinds of fishing tackles. They store the rod while kayaking and helps to hold the rod while fishing.
  • Fillet knife: Helps to cut the fish fillet.

3. Safety Gears

  • Life jacket and PFD: They will help you to float on the water in case you accidentally fall on the water. PFD offers more advantages than a life jacket for kayakers.
  • GPS: It will show your current location, the patch to reach the destination and find the route if you lose track.
  • Compass: It is used for navigation purposes. It shows the direction of the place you are going.
  • Whistle: It generates sound for seeking urgent help.
  • Sunscreen: Protects your skin from the dangerous UV radiation of sunbeam.
  • Polarized sunglass: protects your eyes from sun and dirt.
  • Fishing gloves: Prevents scratches while catching fishes as well as keep the hands dry.
  • Fishing cap or hat: They save the head of the kayaker from direct sunlight.
  • Mirror and signaling device: Gives signals to other boat or people for the emergency,accident, or any help.
  • Insect repellent: Helps to kill harmful insects.
  • FIRST AID KIT: It can be a life-saver in case you get injured.

4. Personal Items

  • Phone and battery
  • Power bank
  • Camera
  • Wetsuit
  • Knife
  • Watch
  • Water shoes
  • Motor registration, ID card, etc
  • Quick Drying clothes
  • Prescribed medicine

5. Others

  • Tackle crate: It is a large bag which has many rooms to store your fishing gears and other accessories.
  • Foods: Carry dry foods, fruits, and high-protein snacks in a water-proof bag.
  • Water: Bring mineral water as the water of the kayaking spot is not suitable to drink.

Kayak fishing is an excellent way of adventure, fun, and suitable for all ages. The thrill of the fantastic experience will blow your mind. You may not need every item on the list, but their roles are undeniable for ensuring your safety and providing you the highest comfort during the journey. Though you need to spend a good amount of money to purchase all of these items, you will be amused by their functionality. We wish our guideline will help you in arranging a safe and successful kayak fishing journey.


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