The Complete Climbing Gift Guide

Last Updated on September 8, 2020

Rock climbers love to climb rocks more than anything else. As they rappel a lot, they always need climbing equipment and accessories. If you want to gift something to your rock climber friend and confused to what to buy, we are here to help you out. It will be sad if they hardly use your gift or not at all.

The Complete Climbing Gift Guide

The Complete Climbing Gift Guide

They always prefer climbing gear and things which will make the rappelling easier over other gifts. There are a variety of climbing gears, accessories, equipment, and other essential items which can be great for the rock climbers. We are presenting the best ideas for choosing a gift for a hill climber.

1. Climbing shoes

Climbing shoes are way more different than regular shoes. Climbing shoes are one of the most necessary accessories for safety and efficient climbing. They should be durable, reliable, and suitable for all kinds of terrain. And most importantly, don’t forget to buy the size, which will perfectly fit the user’s feet.

2. Climbing books

If you have less idea about the quality of climbing equipment, buy a climbing book for your friend. Where some of them contain top tricks and ways of climbing, many of them are based on real-life experience. It can be an excellent gift for a beginner climber.

3. Climbing harness

The climbing harness is an essential climbing gear that ensures safety and helps to balance against the surface of the rock. Find such a harness that is comfortable, durable, and versatile. Your friend will use it every day.

4. Belay device

A belay device is a tool for controlling the rope as well as enables the climbers to climb with minimal effort.

5. Chalk and chalk bag

Chalk keeps a mountaineer’s hand dry when he is holding the rope and ascending or descending. The chalk absorbs sweats, water, and grease from their hands. A chalk bag is a container for holding chalk.

6. Stretch pants

Stretch pants are made of elastic, material, and cotton. They should be durable, light-weight, flexible, and comfortable. They are designed to provide maximum legs and hip movement for the climbers.

7. Locking carabiners

Carabiners consist of steel and other metals. They help to lock various components together inside of a loop.

8. Water containers

No matter where people go, a water bottle is a necessary item to carry. For bikers and mountaineers, it is way more important. Water containers should be sturdy, shatter-proof, and light-weight. Besides, there are some water bottles which can maintain the temperature of the drink so suitable for drinking tea or coffee too.

9. Rope

No mountain climbers can imagine their journey without cords. They help to ascend or descend from a stiff or slippery cliff. A climbing rope should be thick, reliable, durable, and rough.

10. Backpack

Backpack is essential for carrying all crucial things altogether. It should provide sufficient space for other things. Make sure that it contains strong zippers and adjustable straps. It should be durable and light-weight.

11. Map

A map includes details about all places of a specific location. Besides, a topological map can be more useful than a general one because it also defines the terrain type and stiffness of a mountain. It is so helpful if anyone loses track or want to measure the required amount of time to reach the destination.

12. Band-aid kit

every climber need to carry band air kits in his backpack. Rock climbing is a dangerous journey, and it is obvious to fall sick or get hurt while climbing. It should include gauze pads, bandages, ointments, and antiseptics, etc.

13. Hammocks

They are an excellent gift for hikers, travelers, and people who are involved in outdoor activities. They give us a lot of choices to spend the night in many places. They are cheaper than other accommodation arrangements, light-weight and easy to carry.

14. Sleeping bags

Sleeping bags guarantee full protection to pass the night at anywhere. These bags are not only comfortable but also provides warmth on a cold day. They should be durable, reliable, and waterproof.

15. Climbing gloves

They are made of leather and other materials ensuring protection against hand injuries while climbing a rope. It also provides a more firm grip and helps to balance against the rock. Make sure that they are durable, breathable, and comfortable. They should give sufficient coverage and fit the user’s hand as well.

16. Pocket blanket

A pocket blanket consumes a small amount of space, light-weight, and provides adequate warmth. It is a top favorite item for hikers, adventurers, and climbers. Most of them contain carabiners as well as some secret spaces.

17. Head torch

The head torch can be the lifesaver if the climbers have to continue their journey in the dark or run out of other light sources. Most of them can give continuous service than 16 hours until the battery ends up.

Final Words

Except for this, you can give your climber friend a drying towel, power bank, solar lights, sore repairing cream, and so on. We hope our guidelines will help you to pick the best one for your friend.


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