The Complete Car Camping Checklist

Last Updated on September 6, 2020

Car camping is one of the most fun activities. It refers to driving to a location for camping instead of walking there. It has always been the best choice for a family tour or enjoying a vacation with friends. You need to plan properly before heading for camping.

The Complete Car Camping Checklist

Proper planning includes the selection of the right location, cost estimation, time estimation, and making a list of all needed things. Here is a complete list of requirements, essential for car camping.

1. Compulsory items

You can not even think of camping without some essential items. You can forget other things, but missing these will make your trip problematic.

  • Tent: a tent is a structure consisting of fabric and provides shelter. It ensures your security. There are many types of tents available in the market, depending on various materials, capacity, or different weather compatibility.
  • Ground clothes: it can be a plastic sheet or a sheet of fabric, you need to spread out on the ground.
  • Sleeping bags: the sleeping bag is used for sleeping inside.
  • Sleeping pads: sleeping pads indicate a ground mat or pad.
  • Sleeping pillow: A cozy pillow is essential for a sound sleep.
  • Lighting system: take patterns, rechargeable light, flashlight, torchlight, as the source of light.
  • Camping table and chair: make sure that they are light weighted and easy to carry. They are super easy to create and fold.
  • Foods and water: bring a lot of mineral water because you may not get pure water to drink in the camp. Always prefer dry foods, dry fruits, packet foods which stay good for a long time. Give priority to high protein snacks.
  • Nylon Rope, Lines, and stakes: help to construct the tent. You should always keep some extra of them for repairment purpose.

2. Hiking items

hiking can be a good reason for camping. But without hiking tools, it is almost impossible to hike. You can lose your track and path or face any injury without them.

  • Maps: it contains proper directions and location of the place, you want to hike.
  • Hiking boots: they should be stable, longlasting, and comfortable.
  • Compass: use to find out the right directions.
  • Mountain bike: A particular bike to explore a mountain.
  • Gloves and helmets: provide appropriate safety.
  • Binocular: use to see the condition of the path and measure the distance from your current location.
  • GPS: used for knowing location, ways, and other information.

3. Management items

They are unavoidable for other compulsory elements.

  • Fuel and battery: carry essential fuel and battery for your lighting system
  • Repair Kit: it includes duct tape, extra stakes, extra ropes, and other items in case the tent needs to be mend.
  • Phone charger
  • Bike management tools

4. Personal items

These are important too because they ensure your highest comfort.

  • Clothes: Bring weather-friendly and comfortable clothes. For the rainy season, take waterproof clothes where for winter, bring a sweater and warm clothes. If it is summer, thin and light color clothes are preferable than the others.
  • phone
  • money
  • Washroom necessities: they include dry shampoo, soap, handwash, tissue, towel, toothbrush and toothpaste, and toilet tissue.

5. Safety tools

Before going out, ensuring protection is essential too. They help you to recover unexpected and unfriendly situations.

  • First aid kit: it carries a few elements like band-aids, antiseptics, ointments, gauze pads. So you can quickly respond to the injured person of your gang or family.
  • Weather protection: they include sunhat, sunglass, sunscreen, raincoat, umbrella, jacket, and other protections.
  • Insect repellent: camping is risky because there are harmful insects. To prevent their troubles, use insect repellent.
  • Allergy medication: prevents allergy infection from a hostile environment or harmful plants or insects.
  • Water filter: you may run out of all taken water, but the available water can be dirty and impure. So water filter is vital to prevent water-based diseases.
  • Medicines: Carry all prescribed medicines along with you. Also, bring some common and extra to avoid the sudden illness.
  • Axes and knife: They are useful for cutting woods, making things, and other safety purposes.
  • Fire kits: None can think of a camp without a bonfire. It prohibits insects and animal to come close to you. Firewood, matches, and lighters are called fire kits.

6. Kitchen tools

If you want to spend a lot of days, you may need to cook there. Taken foods can serve you only a few days.

  • Knife and chopping board
  • Camp Stove: it should be light weighted and small in size
  • Cooking ingredients: all ingredient to cook a meal.
  • Aluminum foil
  • Bottle opener
  • Pan, mugs, and plates
  • Cooler: Keeps foods cold for a long time. They are heat or thermal resistant.
  • Hotbox: Keeps foods hot and fresh for a long time
  • Cook station: it is a table that can be used for cooking and keeping things.
  • Matches and Lighter: they help to make fire.
  • Paper towels

7. Optional things

These may not be very important but makes your trip more enjoyable and more comfortable.

  • Air Mattress
  • Trash bag
  • Camera and camera battery
  • Fishing tools
  • Guitar
  • Books
  • Memory cards
  • football

Bringing all requirements are mandatory before going camping. Missing anything may bring trouble for you and your partners. We hope this list will help you to select all the necessary items to carry with you.


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