The Complete Bicycle Touring Packing List

Last Updated on September 7, 2020

Bicycle touring is an excellent sport. It is an autonomy rather than a game. People go for cycling in search of pleasure and adventure. And they spend single to multi-days even months while touring. Sometime some people can’t enjoy their trip, or they can’t get the best potential out of it.

The Complete Bicycle Touring Packing List

Mainly, it happens either they don’t have the required knowledge regarding bicycle touring, or they go with the wrong gears. In bicycle touring, besides the bike, there are lots of things that you need to carry to complete a successful trip. Here we have described what equipment you should pack before moving out.

Rear & Front rack

Touring racks are essential elements that you need to keep in your packing list. They help you carry heavy loads. So, you need to select a rear or front rack that can carry heavy gear on unpaved roads and fit most bikes without requiring modification.


The saddle is the essential equipment that you should take with you while going for bicycle touring. As you know, you may experience an uncomfortable riding without a proper seat. So, you should try to choose a saddle that ensures optimal comfort. We recommend you select a saddle that is made of leather.

Bottle Cages

There is always a high chance of getting dehydrated during cycling, especially in summer. That’s why riders need to carry an adequate amount of water. And if you are planning a trip to a remote area, we recommend you to use a metal bottle cage where you can carry at least three bottles.

Water Bottles

Generally, riders don’t use fancy high-tech water bottles for bicycle touring. They use bottles that feature an auto-seal system. As a result, they can conveniently get a sip from the bottle during riding. That means it eliminates squeezing, and this type of bottle can be excellent for any bike ride.

Handle Bar Mirror

Handlebar mirror is a safety tool that you can keep in your packing list. It enables you to see objects behind you and make you decide if you should move off the road. No matter which type of mirror you use, make sure that it is quite big and fits your handlebar.

Bike Computer

A bike computer can help bikers a lot by providing them their current, max, and average speed along with total distance. That’s why avid bikers use bike computers. And you can also use this equipment if you want to calculate speed and distance. We recommend you select an ordinary bike computer that comes at a reasonable price.

Back & Front Roller Panniers

Many bike riders carry the back or front roller panniers where they store valuable equipment. And you can also use such thing to keep your riding tools along with you while riding. But you need to make sure that they are durable, lightweight, and waterproof.

Bike Lock

Every bicycle needs a bike lock for security purpose. That’s why it is essential to choose the best bike lock lest you should lose your bicycle.

Bike Pump

It will be a wise decision to keep a bike pump in your packing list because you may get a flat tire at the time of riding your bicycle. So, we recommend you to choose a bike pump which is durable yet lightweight and comfortable to pump.

Spare Tubes

Spare tubes are vital equipment that you must keep in your list because after riding for an extended time; you may need to change your bike’s tubes. Generally, most riders carry at least two spare tubes; one for more extended tours and another for shorter ones. And you can follow the tactic to make your trip successful.

Patch Kit & Tire Levers

Since bicycle tourists need to change or repair flat tires on the road, they carry a few tire levers and patch kit. So, you need to ensure that your equipment is well stocked before heading out.

Bike Multi-Tool

A multi-tool is an item that can prevent you from being stranded on the side of the road. So, you should keep this equipment in your packing list.

Pedal Wrench

Sometimes you may need to take off and put on the pedals, especially when you need to place your cycle in a box during traveling by a plane or a bus. Hence, you should pack the pedal wrench before moving out.


Lubricant is also a vital element that helps your bike to run smoothly. Besides cleaning your bike, you should lube the chain.

Spare Brake Pads

In case you are planning a long bike tour, you need to keep some additional brake pads in your packing list. Although you may find these items in local bike shops, they may come in low-quality. Hence you should try to choose the best quality before moving for the tour.

Final Words

No matter which place you select for bicycle touring, you need to take all essential gears to avoid hassle and complete a successful trip. And if you are confused about what to choose while heading out for bicycle touring, you may take the recommendation of experts, or you can follow our guideline for sorting out required materials. We hope you can enjoy your journey without facing up with any troubles.


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