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The Biggest Fears Bicycle Tourists Face and How to overcome them: Bicycles are one of the essential means of everyday mobility. Many tourists prefer them to make a tour of remote places for recreation. If you’re looking for a bicycle tour but don’t have prior experience, you may feel some fears in your mind.

Once you’re planning such a tour, you shouldn’t be shy to admit these fears. Instead, you have to overcome these challenges with courage and determination. Therefore, no one can stop your dream bicycle trip.

The Biggest Fears Bicycle Tourists Face

The Biggest Fears Bicycle Tourists Face

Now, we’re going to share with you 11 of the biggest fears bicycle tourists face and how to overcome them. If you’re planning a bicycle tour for the first time, then you’re going to get the best results. So, let’s get started!

Riding Among a Lot of Traffic

Riding on a bicycle among a lot of traffic seems one of the risky activities on the road. You won’t find plenty of great bike paths for bicycle riding. If you’re planning on riding in the most populous countries, like China, India, the United States, and more, you’ll have quite a little space between you and high-speed traffic.

Solution: When planning for a bike tour, at first, start riding on bikes around your hometown. Meet up with friends who know better about riding with a lot of traffic.

Spend time with them for a few hours a week to learn how to ride bicycles. In order to avoid accidents on highways, you should look at the cycle mirrors while crossing vehicles near you.

Feeling Lonely

You don’t probably find anyone to talk and intensely feel loneliness in such a tour, especially when you’re going to the remote areas that make you disconnected from the rest of the world.

Solution: We recommend you plan a bicycle tour with a buddy instead of going alone. You can find a companion through social media groups where many bicycle tourists are looking to connect to others and someone who has the potential for a bike ride.

Losing the Way

Most of the time, first-timers lose their way and take a wrong turn. Therefore, they go on a dangerous route.

Solution: The best way of finding your track is to ask people in the area. If you don’t see anyone there, there is another way – keep a local map with you. In this regard, a smartphone with Google maps helps you find the right direction.

Finding A Place to Sleep with Food and Water

Everyone who has never ventured out on a bicycle fears the place to sleep, food, and water. Many first-timers are anxious about how to find food and what about the hotels or reservations.

Solution: You have to find food and a place to sleep in the locality. In Latin America, you can find fresh and inexpensive food and products at local markets.

Sometimes, you may discover stalls that can serve you a full meal for only a few bucks. And for sleeping, you will get either a hotel room for staying at night or have to carry a tent or hammock for sleeping outdoors.

Not Being Able to Speak Local Language

Going to a place without knowing the local language is quite scary. It can cause some severe anxiety during bicycle travel.

Solution: To solve this problem, only go to the different countries where the same language is spoken, for example, the Spanish Language in Latin America. Besides, you can hire someone fluent in the local language. As a result, you can easily communicate with native people.

Going with Inappropriate Gears

Carrying the best gears for a bicycle tour can make your trip more comfortable. However, if you have some inappropriate pieces of gears during your trip, things may become more complicated.

Solution: Do some research to find essential bike traveling gears for you. Keep in mind that one particular tool may not always be appropriate for all the bikers. So, prioritize your preferences and requirements.

Being Physically Unfit

Many bicycle tourists have a fear of being unable to complete the entire tour. This thought affects their pedaling and makes them feel exhausted.

Solution: If you fear about your fitness, plan for short days. When you are damn sure about keeping the fitness for a long time, you can prepare for a long-term trip.

Having Mechanical Problems

When you aren’t an expert mechanic, you usually have problems with your bicycle while riding. You may face difficulties on your tires, brakes, and many more.

Solution: Before you start a bicycle tour, take a basic bicycle maintenance course. This is the best way of solving problems by yourself.

Fearing of Wild Animal Attacks

The newbie cyclists usually worry about some wild animals like lions, tigers, bears, etc. Apart from these, they can be quite afraid of hungry dogs.

Solution: You have to consider where you are cycling. For example, if you plan to ride in Canada, bears can be a real threat.

Getting Robbed

When you are traveling to foreign countries, it’s natural to get afraid of robbery in unknown places. You will have to take extra care of your belongings.

Solution: We recommend you not to bring expensive items with you while going on a bicycle trip. You shouldn’t leave your bike on its own. Otherwise, it can be stolen.

Losing the Enthusiasm of a Bicycle Travel

Many cyclists face difficulties on a long-term trip. They occasionally lose their enthusiasm due to the challenges in the tour, especially in the first few months. At this time, many tourists are exhausted and stop taking care of themselves. And finally, cycling becomes a burden for them.

Solution: Keep in mind that bicycle travel depends on both mental and physical conditions. For pedaling long days, you have to be fit enough by taking care of yourself. If you feel tired, pause biking for a few days, eat some delicious meals, and enjoy your time. When you’re feeling better, get back on the rod with your beloved bicycle.


You’ve seen how many fears of bicycle travel can take. We gave you solutions to every problem that might occur on your bicycle travels. So, there is no need to take irrational fears. A million enormous wonders are waiting for you to discover them. Don’t get nervous by fear. Travel and live your life.


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