The Best Exercises for Rock Climbing

Last Updated on August 23, 2020

Rock climbing is the most adrenaline-pumping sport, and it is widely popular. And the most common cause behind the popularity of rock climbing is it is suitable for both health and mind. When you perform climbing, your all body muscles work together, and you experience a total body workout.

That means climbing is another form of exercise. Again, you need to train your mind to overcome the fear of climbing. Thus, you have to be prepared physically and mentally to accomplish successful rock climbing.

The Best Exercises for Rock Climbing

And we know that pushing our self to new heights can be a challenging task especially when it is rock climbing. So, it will be folly to go for a climb without having the proper preparation.

Therefore, we should learn the tactics of climbing and train our bodies as well as mind to get enthralled by the rock climbing adventure. And if you are seeking out instructions of what you should learn and apply before go for climbing, you may follow the guideline.

Pull-ups and Dead Hangs

You need to flex and strain your finger, forearms, and shoulder while climbing. So, it is essential to do pull-ups and dead hangs so that you get the required strength and support at the time of rock climbing.

For that, you should start doing sets of pull-ups with your palms. And if you are a novice, then you can start with the standard palm exercise. You can try assisted pull-ups, and for that, you need to place your feet on something as they are elevated.

After a few days, you can feel the difference in your strength. After that, you can move onto the next level of exercise. That means you can start doing dead hangs with your hang-board besides pull-ups.

If you don’t have any hang-board, you can use any horizontal bar or a solid door-frame but make sure what you are using is strong enough. Also, you need to ensure that you are hanging correctly. In this way, you can strengthen your fingers through isometric training.


Climbing doesn’t only require your hands, but also it needs your legs. So, you should have strong legs to experience good climbing. To make your legs stronger, you can try leg squats, or you can do a series of single-leg squats as well.

For that, you need to stand up with your hands on your hips, and then you have to raise as well as straighten one leg. You should go as low as you can before standing back up. You need to hold your body for 30 seconds in that position before raising yourself.

In case you find the workout challenging, you can do sets of basic leg lunges, which can also help you to build stronger leg muscles.


A strong core is essential for any climber because it helps to take some of the weight of your arms. And it gives you better balance and posture while climbing. As you are aware well, your core is made up of many muscles.

So you need to do various types of workouts to develop the group of these muscles. And for that, you can do the plank, leg lifts, push-ups, tricep dips, etc. And we have described detailed information about these workouts below to help you out.


A plank is an exercise that engages your core as you hold yourself in a planking position. And to do that you need to hold up yourself on your hands or forearms, and you need to keep your body as straight as possible. And you should continue the exercise for two minutes including the break.

Also, make sure that you try planking on straight arms, with fingers outstretched. If you are facing trouble with the planking position, you can try other variations of planking like mountain climber plank which is quite easy.

You have to hold yourself on your hand and then raise your left knee slowly up to your chest. And follow the same step for the right knee as well. Also, you can try another variation of planking where you need to touch your knees to your elbows instead of moving your chest.

Leg Lifts

When you climb, you need to lift your legs. And your core helps you to raise your legs. Again, your core becomes more active or may get damaged when you try overhanging. Therefore, you should prepare yourself thoroughly before going rock climbing.

And for that, you can do exercises which relate to hanging such as hanging leg lifts. To do that, you need to use a hang-board or a pull-up bar to hang from your arms. Then, you have to raise your legs in a perpendicular position.

Later you should try to hold the position for 30 seconds before going lower slowly. You have to continue the set ten times with a short rest. You can also try the bending position if you find it difficult. And if you are a complete beginner or have nothing to hang off, you can still do the leg-lifts workout.

For that, you need to sit on the floor, and then you have to lean back. After that, you can lift your legs to turn your whole body frame into a V shape.


Push-Ups workout is excellent for chest muscles, shoulders, arms, and core as well. When you start the push-up workout, all muscle groups get involved in it. And you feel stronger than before after a few days of exercise.

Although some people don’t know how to start a proper push-up, they go with the wrong form of workout. And they fail to get an effective result. To start a push-up correctly, you need to hold your body on your hands.

Then you should try to keep your chest above the ground. When you are in that position, be sure that your body is straight. After that, you have to keep your elbows as close to the sides of your torso as possible to activate your triceps and align your joints correctly.

Tricep Dips

These dips workout is also as important as the other exercises. Generally, tricep dips work on your triceps, your chest, shoulders, and abdominal muscles. Therefore, it would be great for you, if you prepare your body with the help of the workout. And to do such exercise, you need to take a chair or bench and lean on it.

After that, you have to place your palms on the desk. After that, you have to pull your chest up, and then you should lower your body in a controlled manner. Also, you shouldn’t forget to keep your legs, head, and back as straight as you can. And you need to do at least ten sets or more to get an effective result.

Final Words

Some people climb for recreation and competition. And others do it as their job such as military operations. No matter what is the purpose behind climbing, climbers should always be cautious to complete a successful climb without falling.

Although some professional climbers can complete climbing in the quickest possible time, we recommend you not to try this unless you become an expert. To grow as professional as them, you need to prepare yourself and need to master the techniques of climbing. Then you can crack the hardest climbing like rock climbing.


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