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Last Updated on March 1, 2023

Best Tactical Vest

The success of your activity depends on the degree of preparation to a great extent. When you are on a survival mission, a camping adventure or on a hunting quest, you need to devote double your attention to the adequate preparation.

This will include getting the right equipment and also the appropriate clothing. The best tactical vest is one of the items that you don’t want to miss on your next outdoor adventure.

Whether you are fishing, playing paintball, or indulging in a real hunting quest, the lightweight tactical vest might be what you need. But what is the best one?

Quick Answer – Top 10 Best Tactical Vest

1. UTG 547 Law Enforcement Tactical Vest

2. UTG Law Enforcement Tactical SWAT Vest

3. Official Nerf N-Strike Elite Series Tactical Vest

4. Leapers Men’s Sportsmans Tactical Scenario Vest

5. Rothco Uncle Milty Vest

6. Rothco Plainclothes Concealed Carry Vest

7. YAKEDA Tactical CS Field Vest

8. Modern Warrior Tactical Vest

9. VISM by NcStar Molle Pals Vest

10. NcStar Tactical Vest

Reviews of the Best Tactical Vest

If you are not an expert, you might feel confused about choosing the most appropriate tactical vest. With a lot of options and products that come in different designs, the process of choosing one item can become a little bit challenging.

In this section, you will find everything you want to know about the top 10 products. Each one of them will take your next survival mission up a notch.

In our best tactical vest reviews, you will find detailed data about the features, pros and cons of each item. This can help you a lot with picking the right one.

1. UTG 547 Law Enforcement Tactical Vest

best tactical vest

The first product on our list is this exceptional green tactical vest from UTG. This is an entry level vest that is suitable for beginners. This means that it is designed to fulfill most of the basic needs.

Although it comes in one size that fits all, it can be easily adjusted for a more comfortable and snug fit. You get to choose between 4 different colors that suit every condition. It is one of the best plate carrier tactical vest on the market providing the perfect stealth.

This vest works with a rifle based system. It has 4 pouches that are designed to fit your magazines for your next hunting quest. It even features a cross draw holster and three pistol pouches.

This vest features a sturdy pistol belt that is durable enough to handle your weapon. The belt has 2 additional horizontal pouches to provide easy access to your ammunition.

The MOLLE webbing at the back makes this vest customizable and comfortable. It also features a durable rescue handle so you know that it will last for long. The high quality of the zippers and the mesh ventilation system makes this vest one of the best sellers.


  • Customizable design.
  • Enough pouches for all your magazines.
  • Mesh for ventilation and MOLLE webbing for adjustability.
  • Durable rescue handles to endure tough conditions.


  • This vest comes in only one size that fits all.


2. UTG Law Enforcement Tactical SWAT Vest

best tactical vest

A lot of outdoors lovers prefer this vest because it is quite affordable. It is the best tactical vest carrier for law enforcement teams or rifle lovers. It is perfect for those who want a rugged and sturdy vest on their survival missions.

The vest combines the durability and functionality of the nylon exterior. It features a quilted interior for extra comfort. You will never be short on space if you decide to buy this vest.

It features various pouches in addition to a big back pocket. It also comes with loops for your shotgun shells in addition to a special pocket for your radio.

This will allow you to store and carry all your accessories and gear comfortably. This durable vest comes in one size the fits most bodies.

You will be capable to fully adjust the waist and the shoulders for the most comfortable fit. It is designed to fit any outdoor enthusiast with a torso between 40 and 54 inches long.


  • Durable rugged design.
  • Nylon exterior with a quilted interior for extra comfort.
  • Various pouches and pockets for all your gear.
  • Extra loops and a special pocket for your radio.
  • Can be adjusted to suit a lot of sizes and frames.


  • The zipper mechanism is not the best.


3. Official Nerf N-Strike Elite Series Tactical Vest

Nerf N-Strike

One of the main purposes of a body armor tactical vest is that it allows you to carry a lot of weapons and ammunition for easy and fast access. This one definitely does the job.

It features pockets that are very accessible for quick reload even when you are on the move. You won’t have to dig through your backpack to reach your firearm.

This vest keeps you well prepared. This is a lightweight tactical vest that weighs only 1.35 pounds yet is extremely versatile. You can easily fit anything you want in one of the various pockets.

The dart storage compartment can hold up to a dozen of darts. You can also fit 2 clips for quick reload in the clip storage compartment. It comes in one size that fits all with some adjustability for a comfortable fit.

However, if you have a big build you may want to consider another option. Since it is lightweight, you can easily fold it into your backpack when it is not in use.


  • Lightweight vest.
  • Dart storage can hold up to 12 darts.
  • Extra pockets and pouches to provide easy access to all your weapons and ammo.
  • Can be folded easily into your backpack.


  • Doesn’t fit bigger bodies.
  • The fabric is not very breathable.


4. Leapers Men’s Sportsmans Tactical Scenario Vest


If you are looking for a comfortable and reliable black tactical vest, then you should definitely consider this one. It is a comfortable shooting design that comes in one size that fits most.

It comes with 4 rifle mag pouches that feature Velcro straps to keep your magazines secured and safe. It even features a universal cross draw holster. It is one of the best vests for shooting and hunting.

Carrying a lot of gear can be tricky when you are on a survival mission. But this survival tactical vest is the best to solve this issue. It comes with special back loop system to attach extra gear.

This heavy-duty system is designed to endure the weight of all your gear when you are exploring wild terrains. The vest comes with 2 more zippered pouches. They hold any other accessories you may want to carry along.

It has a mesh back for breathability and extra ventilation. This allows you to wear it for long hours without feeling any kind of discomfort.


  • Durable material with mesh back for extra ventilation.
  • One size that fits most with some adjustability for a comfortable fit.
  • Special back loop system to carry extra gear.
  • Velcro straps to keep your ammo and magazines safe.
  • 2 extra pockets for any accessories you want to pack along.


  • Not enough shoulder padding.


5. Rothco Uncle Milty Vest

best tactical vest

This is not a cheap flimsy product. This body armor tactical vest is designed and tested for maximum durability and endurance. It is the kind of vest that you can wear for years to come.

Yet, comfort was not ignored when this vest was designed. It is lightweight and designed for heavy-duty users who want a light tactical vest that can actually make a difference.

Whatever your size is, you will find the perfect vest that will suit your build. This will allow you to move comfortably while keeping your focus on the game. It is made of comfortable polyester that is good to wear in various conditions and situations.

Moreover, you get to choose between 3 elegant shades for the perfect stealth in every environment. It comes with 3 inside pockets to carry all the accessories you might need on a survival mission. It even features an external big pocket at the back that is big enough to hold a tablet.

In total, this vest has 17 pockets that are either zippered or have Velcro straps. Not only will you be carrying everything you can think of. You can also rest assured that nothing will get lost while you are on the move.


  • High-quality polyester jacket for maximum endurance.
  • Total of 17 pockets either zippered or with Velcro straps.
  • 1 big back pocket that can fit a tablet in addition to 4 big pockets to fit all your items.
  • Comes in a wide range of sizes to suit every build and body type.


  • The material is not very breathable.


6. Rothco Plainclothes Concealed Carry Vest

best tactical vest

Perhaps you think that a tactical vest shouldn’t be elegant. Think again. With a lightweight tactical vest like this one from Rothco, you will definitely turn some heads around.

It comes in 3 elegant shades that suit every taste and is made of durable polyester; one of the most durable materials. It is appropriate to wear all day long and all year round because it is so versatile and comfortable.

But that’s not all. Remember that your light tactical vest should be functional. This means that you should have enough storage for your various tools and accessories.

Moreover, your vest should provide easy access so you don’t need to stop midway to search for ammo or your radio. This is why the designers of this amazing vest made sure that they include 16 front pockets with zippers.

You can easily reach whatever you are looking for and you can also rest assured that nothing will get lost as you move around. It comes with 2 large interior pockets that are big enough to accommodate larger objects in addition to 4 interior mag pouches.

Actually, the total number of 23 pockets will definitely leave you astonished. They come in different sizes to suit various needs. You can effortlessly pick your exact size for the most comfortable fit since. It runs true to size and has some vertical slits to allow for ventilation.


  • Polyester heavy duty vest.
  • Functional design with 23 pockets.
  • 2 large interior pockets for bigger items.
  • Slits for ventilation.
  • Comes in a wide range of sizes.


  • It is not suitable for hot weather.


7. YAKEDA Tactical CS Field Vest


This product from Yakeda is designed for the best outdoors experience. It is lightweight, breathable and comfortable so that you can wear it in hot weather and all day long.

The black color is elegant and the fabric is durable to last for long. This comes in one size that fits. But it can be exceptionally adjusted to fit any body from size S to XXL. Even the shoulders can be effortlessly adjusted for the perfect fit. The adjustment process is easy and hassle free.

The vest is made of tough nylon mesh. It is durable and allows for good ventilation and breathability when you are on your survival quest. The quality of the fabric, the straps and the zippers are exceptional. It can be zipped up or you can secure it with the pistol belt.

The pistol holster on the side is appropriate for most medium sized pistols. The left side also has 3 adjustable pouches that fit all magazines. On the right side of the vest, you will find 3 ammo pockets, a large shell carrying pouch and a shooting pad.

But you haven’t heard the best yet. Some of the pockets are removable and convertible to suit every need. You can easily attach a hydration pack to the back of the vest since it is made of double ply-mesh. The vest has a carrying handle in addition to the straps across the back to attach various accessories and gear.


  • Made of durable nylon in addition to mesh back for extra ventilation.
  • Can be fully adjusted to fit various sizes.
  • Various pockets for different accessories.
  • You can attach a hydration pack to the back.
  • Some of the pockets can be disassembled for a more convenient design.


  • Runs small. It doesn’t suit bigger bodies.


8. Modern Warrior Tactical Vest

Modern Warrior

This simple yet practical vest is what you need for your next survival adventure. It comes in one size that fits all with the ability to be fully adjusted to suit your size. You can easily pull the straps to create the most comfortable and snug fit allowing you to wear this body armor tactical vest comfortably for as long as you need to.

It comes in 3 different colors for the perfect stealth in every environment. You will stay invisible and comfortable with your focus on the game. It features numerous versatile pockets for every accessory and firearm you want to bring along. This means that you don’t stop mid-quest to look for ammo or to search for your GPS.

The vest has comfortable padding on the right shoulder allowing you to carry your firearm comfortably without feeling sore or suffering from blisters. It comes with shotgun shell holders and handgun magazine pockets. Everything you’ll ever need will be at the tips of your fingers thanks to the smart design of this men’s tactical vest.

Durability is one of the main issues that you need to pay attention to when you are shopping for a tactical vest. This amazing and exceptional product is made of sturdy material that is designed and tested to last for long.

At the same time, the zippers and Velcro straps are of the highest quality. They will not break or tear under the weight of your weapons or due to sudden movements. This is one tactical vest that will definitely last for long.


  • Durable and versatile pocket.
  • One size that can be adjusted to fit various builds.
  • Numerous pockets for everything you’ll ever need on your outdoors adventure.
  • Easy access to all your accessories and weapons.
  • Shoulder padding to keep you comfortable while holding your rifle.


  • It feels kind of heavy.
  • It fits people who have wider shoulders.


9. VISM by NcStar Molle Pals Vest

best tactical vest

With 5 shades to pick from, you can definitely find the best tactical vest. VISM offers one of the best products on the market because it is durable and practical.

The vest is made of heavy double mesh with reinforced nylon webbing that covers it from the top to bottom. It comes in one size that fits all, but that’s not all. It features 3 front buckles, 6 adjustable side straps in addition to adjustable shoulders.

These create the most comfortable and customized fit regardless of the shape of your body. The vest is designed to be compatible with your hydration pack. The hydration system compartment will hold your bladder in place. It even comes with a heavy duty pistol belt that is specifically designed to keep everything secure in place.

The mesh PVC webbing provides greater ventilation and breathability allowing you to wear this vest for long hours. This is an affordable vest that you can use on a real survival mission in the wild or during a paintball fight.

You can easily attach all your MOLLE pouches for extra storage if you need to add more tools and accessories. It comes with various interior and exterior pockets. These allow you to carry everything you need without having to worry about searching for your tools when you most need them.


  • Double mesh fabric with reinforced nylon webbing.
  • Can be perfectly adjusted to suit your body.
  • Allows you to attach your hydration system and keeps your bladder in place.
  • You can attach MOLLE pouches for extra storage.
  • Exceptional interior and exterior pockets.


  • Doesn’t suit bigger body frames.
  • It works best for medium use. If you are more of an avid hunter or you spend too much time in tough conditions then you might want to look for something else.


10. NcStar Tactical Vest

best tactical vest

The last vest that we will review today is this wonderful lightweight tactical vest from NcStar. It is suitable for people who want to have decent quality but are on a tight budget. It is one of the most affordable products on the market.

It also comes in different shades and sizes. A lot of tactical vests tend to run large but this one comes in various sizes. One of them suits teenagers and adults who are not on the bulky side.

It features 3 big magazine pouches that will fit different types of magazines with no problems whatsoever. It also comes with a removable cross draw holster. If you have it removed, you will get the chance to attach your PLS or MOLLE accessories to attach more items effortlessly.

The rear side of the vest is hydration pack compatible, although you will have to buy this on its own. This means that the user can spend extra time in the wild. Easy access to water as well as all the other weapons and accessories is what you need to spend time in the wild.

This is one vest that you can comfortably wear for long hours because the back features PVC mesh webbing for extra ventilation and breathability. Moreover, the pistol belt will help secure it in place with 2 extra pouches to fit all your gear.



  • Great quality at an affordable price.
  • Can be adjusted to suit even the slimmest bodies.
  • Pockets and pouches to suit all types of gear and equipment in addition to a cross draw holster.
  • You can attach PLS or MOLLE accessories for extra tools.
  • Hydration system compatible.


  • The zippers are not very sturdy.
  • Reloads can be tricky due to the position of the pockets on the vest.


How Can You Choose It?

A tactical vest is basically a piece of outerwear that you would normally wear on top of a T-shirt or a shirt. But still, you can wear your vest on top of your jacket if the temperature drops. In fact, tactical vests are very popular among outdoor enthusiasts because they are versatile.

Some love them because they simply look cool, while others strive to get the best tactical vest on the market because it is versatile and useful. When you are away from home, you want something that will allow for easy access. It should be convenient and comfortable to wear for long hours.

Moreover, you shouldn’t worry about searching for anything in your backpack. This is why we decided to write the best tactical vest plate carrier buying guide. Here you will find all the useful information that will help you pick the best product.

Why Do You Need a Tactical Vest?

There is more into tactical vests than just getting into the mood. Sure, a lightweight tactical vest will help you blend in. This is especially true if you are still taking your first steps in the world of survival adventures. But it also provides a lot of benefits.

Best tactical vest plate carrier are very comfortable to wear and take off, unlike other pieces of clothing that people might buy for survival missions. Most tactical vests are adjustable. This means that you can wear them in different weather conditions. Whether you pair your vest with a heavy jacket or wear it on top of a light T-shirt it should be comfortable and convenient.

Tactical vests come with pouches and pockets. These grant you easy access to your magazines, rifles and all other types of ammo and accessories. Of course, you can keep all your items in the backpack. But if you are away on a hunting trip or even engaging in a fun paintball fight with friends, you need pouches that you can easily open and reach out for whatever you need.

To sum it up, with a tactical vest most of your accessories and gear will be right in front of you. You don’t have to tilt your arm or even stop to search for your radio or GPS. You can effortlessly reach out for whatever you want while maintaining your stealth.

Most of the good products come with special webbing. This allows the user to add more pouches and pockets. This is a big plus since you will be able to customize the design to better suit all your needs. This also means that the same vest can be used if you are going fishing, playing softball or on a real white deer hunting mission.

By attaching other compartments and pockets you will get extra storage if you need some. This is a big plus if you are an outdoors enthusiast who engages in a lot of activities.

The Best Tactical Vest Buying Guide

How to choose the Best Tactical Vest that suits you the most? You’ve probably asked yourself this question several times. With all these wonderful products on the market, you might find the process rather tricky.

This is why we have decided to highlight a few features that you can look for when you are shopping for the best tactical vest:

Materials Used

Tactical vests are usually made of durable fabrics. Nylon mesh is one of the best materials used because it is lightweight and durable. It doesn’t cut or tear that easily and is also very comfortable to wear even if you decide to put on your vest for long periods.

This means that you can wear your vest on top of a jacket, a T-shirt or shirt. The choice is yours and totally depends on the weather and your preference.

Nylon mesh is suitable for hot and cold weather as it provides good breathability. Another good choice would be polyester. It is more abrasion resistant than nylon but is not that sturdy.

PVC is another durable material. It doesn’t tear or cut easily and usually features Velcro straps to attach more gear. You can rest assured that your tactical vest plate carrier will endure the weight of whatever you attach because PVC is really sturdy. Some vests will feature interior padding or quilting for extra comfort.


Most tactical vests come in one size that fits all and this means that you should be able to adjust them. If your vest is too tight, you won’t be able to move comfortably and you might feel restricted.

If your vest is too big, it will get in the way when you want to move freely while maintaining your stealth.

However, there are some models that come with a precise size chart. Make sure that you pick the perfect size that will allow you to wear your tactical vest with no problem.


Tactical vests naturally feature a number of pockets and pouches. But how many do you need and how big should they be? This depends on the nature of your mission. If you are fishing or spending some time in a camp, then you might not that many pouches.

But you need extra pockets and pouches if you are hunting or hiking. You definitely need to have something that will provide quick access for easy reload. This will ensure that nothing will interfere with your hunting quest.

Removable Compartments

Having the ability to customize and adjust the design of your tactical vest plate carrier is a big bonus. You can easily attach and detach pouches or pockets to create the perfect storage for your needs.

Your needs might also differ depending on the nature of your adventure and the weather. Your tactical vest should offer this kind of adjustability and convenience so that you can use it in various situations.

Hydration Pack Compatibility

This might not be a real necessity if you are going to play paintball. However, it can be a game changer if you are camping or hunting. A hydration pack allows you to spend more time in the wilderness while staying refreshed and hydrated.

Your vest can have some webbing that will allow you to attach and secure your hydration bladder. This means that you won’t have to worry about reaching out for your bottle while on the go.

Tactical Vest FAQs

What is the Appropriate Way to Wear a Tactical Vest?

You should wear the tactical vest in a way that seems comfortable to you. For example, you shouldn’t adjust the straps so tight that you face up with difficulties while breathing. You should also remember that the bottom part of the vest needs to be at your navel. It is because it will protect your essential area and lets you stand or sit with comfort.

Are Tactical Vests Bulletproof?

Tactical vests are quite similar to the traditional bulletproof vests. They offer level IIIA protection, and they also have plate carrier pockets for carrying additional hard armor.

Are Bulletproof Vests Illegal in the U.S.A?

The bulletproof vests aren’t illegal in any U.S. jurisdiction. Citizens can buy and wear bulletproof vests. Not only that, people can even sell ballistic vests locally here. Anyway, this type of vest is illegal only for convicted felons.

What Materials Does a Tactical Vest Contain?

Most tactical vests have synthetic para-aramid fibers, which ensure optimum strength and make vests entirely heat resistance. And with that, these fibers make vests soft as well as flexible.

For Whom Tactical Vests Are Designed?

Although tactical vests are designed for hunters, rescuers, and airsoft enthusiasts, military and security professionals can also use this equipment. In essence, everybody can wear tactical vests. They can keep water bottles, cell phones, or other essential equipment in these vest’s pockets.

Can a Tactical Vest Stop an Arrow?

As you know, blades don’t act as same as bullets. They can cut fibers. So, most tactical vests can be penetrated by rigid knives or with a good quality arrow. However, by adding metal layers, you can make your vest stab-resistant.


Final Word

The Best Tactical Vest is a game changer. It is one of the best pieces of gear that will allow you to carry everything you need into the play arena or a real-life survival mission.

Tactical vests come in various variations for different users and purposes. They are exceptionally versatile and convenient. They always feature a lot of compartments and pouches to carry all the gear you need on your survival mission.

Before you choose a tactical vest carrier, you must think about why you need it in the first place. This will allow you to pick the perfect one for your upcoming adventure.


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