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Gun Cleaner Solvent User Guide

Whenever a shot is fired from your gun, traces of powder and from the bullets are deposited within the barrel. Eventually, as the residue builds up and accumulates over time, the accuracy of your gun gets affected, and so the need to clean it arises. Moreover, during

Concealed Carry Holsters – Top Reasons To Invest In One

When we talk about guns and weapons, you can’t ignore the fact that you need to invest in proper accessories attached to it. Whether it is a Concealed Carry Holsters or a mag shell, you need to buy quality stuff so that you can avail better durability

Why Should You Buy the Lightweight Tactical Boots?

Many people are accustomed to thinking that tactical boots are heavy and rigid, which makes them less flexible while restraining maneuverability. To some extent, that is true. However, the light versions of these boots combine all the features of lightweight shoes and tactical boots, giving you a

What Is the Difference Between Survival and Paintball Guns?

We hope you have already heard about the Paintball game. If you not then it will be great to know what is paintball games. The two team members, which are shooting the opponent’s team member, with different color paintballs which is very funny and easy to break.

How to Sharpen Knives at Home

With the use is normal and inevitable that our knives begin to lose the edge. For some people, this is frustrating since they realize that they start to work uncomfortably. But we have available a series of tools that correct the edge and solve the problem easily. From

Curious About Airsoft? 6 Mistakes You Need To Avoid

Beginner or not, you are bound to make some of the mistakes mentioned below (if not more). But, if you are aware of your bad airsoft habits, I think you can work to overcome them and so, become a better short and player. So have a look

Right Uses of the Custom Patches

Patches are often used as embellishments on various pieces of fabric such as vests, coats and shirts. Apart from adding a layer of decoration, patches also show identity to a group, form parts in uniforms and highlight achievements among many other functions. For instance, military organizations use

Characteristics of the Nesika Tactical 300 Win Mag

Nesika is one of the most peculiar companies in the world of weapons. It was founded in the early 1990s by Glenn Harrison in Poulsbo, Washington. His actions quickly achieved a great reputation in precision competitions. The Cylinder Head We’ll start by saying that it’s a fully

Types of Fixed Blade Knives

Hunting knife is primarily meant to help you process meat after a kill. A good hunting knife can also be used to carry out some secondary activities such as digging and cutting small tree branches etc., making it crucial for survival in the wild. However, not all

10 Things to Check in Thermal Binoculars

Thermal binoculars are optical devices which are used to amplify the available visible light and also to view the infrared light from the object. The visible light (7 colors which we see) is a small part of the electromagnetic spectrum. Human eyes are very much responsive to