Tactical Gloves to Help You Ace Your Paintball Game

Last Updated on May 4, 2020

When you want to improve your paintball skills, you know that performance also depends on the equipment. Therefore, you have to make sure to purchase the right gloves that can help you be more efficient. With extreme sports, gloves are the right type of equipment that should not miss from any outfit. They not only protect from outdoor elements but also protect you from heavy-duty activities.

This Get Paintball article offers more information about what equipment you may need if you sign up for paintball. Here you will also find several brands of tactical gloves that protect the player’s hands. Usually, these gloves are made from durable materials which hold up in all circumstances. Nevertheless, they are lightweight, helping one be more efficient.

1. Mechanix Wear Tactical Gloves

This is an affordable choice. These archery hunting gloves are made with a sleek black synthetic leather. The leather is very flexible, helping to keep hands cool. The bottom of the gloves features a TPR closing feature. One can easily adjust it to make sure that the gloves are kept in one’s hands.

These leather gloves also feature a great grip helping you to hold your airsoft sniper rifle. You can find the gloves in three different sizes, like small, medium and large. The material is washable.

2. Seibertron S.O.L.A.G. Gloves

These incredible lightweight hiking gloves  are made from a black synthetic leather. Furthermore, you may also find the fingerless option for this model. They sport reinforced palm patches on the bottom.

In this way, they can make your grip more secure. Furthermore, they also feature a Velcro wrist strap that helps keep the gloves tightly. These properties make them extremely durable. You will find them in different sizes, from extra-extra-small to very large.

3. 5.11 Tactical HardTime Hard Knuckle Gloves

These hard knuckle gloves are an excellent fit for all sportsmen. They are made using Kevlar fabric. Furthermore, the gloves feature ergonomic articulated hard knuckle plates. Instead of a single piece that covers all four knuckles, this pair of gloves has two plates which flex with your hand. Each plate covers two knuckles.

In this way, they improve your dexterity, comfort and performance. On the hand side, the gloves feature tough thermoplastic plates. The gloves are covered with a durable subdued finish TPR laminate on the business side.

4. Armored Claw “Shield” Tactical Gloves

Armored Claw has developed this useful pair of gloves, which resist the most demanding sports. The gloves are reinforced with Keprotec and kevlar knuckle protection. Hands get additional protection with the padded EVA foam.

Furthermore, their elasticity is increased due to the neoprene and Spandex they contain. The synthetic leather lined palm can improve your grip. The gloves also have touchscreen-compatible forefinger and thumb. They sport loop and hook fasteners and an elastically adjustable wristband.

5. Gamit Tactical Gloves

You can find these gloves in khaki or black. They are made from breathable spandex fabric. This fabric offers you a lot of comforts while they are also durable. The gloves sport a nylon wrist webbing on edge.

This has a Velcro band that is woven into it. Therefore, you can adjust them and secure them, making them perfectly fit your hands. On the top of the gloves, you will notice a hard knuckle protector meant to protect this sensitive area of your hands.

Furthermore, this pair of gloves also features anti-skid protection. In this way, the gloves offer better grip on objects.

6. Viperade Tactical Gloves

This pair of gloves is made from an artificial leather which comes in different color choices. Besides the fact that they are durable, they are also affordable. They have a special design which offers comfort and better grip. The gloves are durable and offer protection to your knuckles due to the rubber knuckle protector and finger shields.

The breathable material helps your hands’ skin breath, preventing things from slipping out of hands. The gloves also feature a Velcro strap on the wrist which helps to secure them. You can find them in different sizes, ranging from small to very large.

Being a paintball professional means hard work and determination. Having great equipment is one of the factors that will help players ace their game. Therefore, each player has to make sure that they make the best investment. In the long run, this will benefit their game.


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