Suunto Core Wrist Top Computer Watch Review

Last Updated on March 30, 2017

Suunto Core Wrist Top Computer Watch Review

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For all the outdoor adventurous souls, here comes the Suunto Core Wrist Top Computer Watch Review! Now there’s an ultimate companion for your adventurous passion, Suunto Core Computer Watch offers a wide range of durable features making your expedition a memorable journey.

It is an intelligent product which keeps the hikers, trekkers & campers well-informed about changing weather conditions. The watch is a blend of distinct attributes like Altimeter, Compass, Barometer, and Depth Measurement together with a comforting elastic core strap.

The interface is very user-friendly & consists of a multilingual menu. The feel of the Tactical Watch is rugged with aluminum built giving it a smooth finish. It is a lightweight unisex product.

Features of the Suunto Core Wrist Top


For adventure lovers, this feature is extremely beneficial. It provides information relating to current elevation& one’s location on a topographical map. It will show the vertical ascent & descent to the trekkers without even entering an altitude for reference.

Thus enabling them to stay on the right route without swaying away from it. There is an altitude log, which keeps a record of the vertical height till a period of seven days.


In terms of climate, unknown camping destinations can be tricky. With the embedded barometer in the core; slightest weather changes can be known. One can get a weather forecast via the built-in weather trend indicator.

There is a switch which functions with the combination of altimeter &barometer; it tells the altitudinal values while a person is climbing a terrain. However when there is an absence of movement the switch tells alterations in air pressure.


There is a digital compass available in this revolutionary smart watch which allows the travelers to keep a track of their present direction. Suunto Core Wrist Top Computer Watch has basic direction pointers which are subjected to alter when the watch is dynamically moved.

There is a bearing indicator with arrows & proper directional words to aid you to follow proper course. There is a rotating bezel which enhances the tracking feature of the compass.

Storm Alarm

This kind of innovative alarm operates when there is a sudden fall in air pressure over a three-hour time interval. The core feels the instant change. The alarm goes on indicating unpleasant weather behavior.

It is a neat feature which alerts the backpackers against several storms or anomalies. It reacts accurately to atmospheric pressure; it works most efficiently when the altimeter & the barometer are manually set.

Fundamental Features

Suunto Core Wrist Top Computer Watch is available in various colors such as black, aluminum black, light black, black orange, aluminum brown, light green, black yellow, and steel. It has a two year warranty & an all-black finish.

It comes with a CR2032 lithium battery with an additional “low battery warning” specification. Other plus points of this watch model include – log graph, sunrise/sunset times, multiple watches, date and time functions& backlight option.

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  • It has a compact design& ideal for all kinds of outdoors activities.
  • It is water resistant thus apt for underwater sports.
  • The watch is very durable with scratch resistance & a perfect fit for medium wrists.
  • User-friendly core with a logging function.


  • The alarm is soft & faint to hear while beeping.
  • The elastic band needs replacement after every year of its use.
  • The illumination embedded in the watch is less bright.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Is there an in-built thermometer in the watch?

A: Yes, there is an in-built thermometer which displays the temperature. However to get apt readings one needs to remove the watch from the wrist for about 10-15 minutes in order to avoid them to get adjusted to the skin temperature.

Q: How to alter the display language in the watch?

A: Make the changes from basic settings in the menu, scroll down to the “General” option where you can find the available language choices.

Final Word

In my opinion, the watch is very precise & dependable. Its depth meter feature is very advantageous to the snorkelers, scuba divers & other water sports fanatics. As it tells the current depth & how much more can be achieved while diving.

Suunto Core’s long battery life along with its sophisticated design makes it more tempting. The brand is trustworthy; it has a huge distribution chain throughout the globe. The watch is designed in a sturdy & abrasion resistant manner. After jotting Suunto Core Wrist Top Computer Watch Review; I would recommend it for its value for money.

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