Summer Camping Essentials – What Are the Must?

Last Updated on June 7, 2020

As summer approaches, many people have one thing in mind; camping. Summer is the perfect time and season to explore the wild and become one with nature. Before heading outdoors, however, you need to pack some items that will help you survive out there.

Some people, especially first-time campers, might pack heavy loads of unnecessary stuff, which might be stressful to carry and might even consume packing space for the essential items.

Regardless of the situation, you should always consider the essentials, which are the most crucial items for survival, before packing anything else. These summer camping essentials include:

1. Sleeping Bags

Some campers prefer to create makeshift beds but this might be very uncomfortable. Sleeping bags have become essential items when it comes to camping because of the comfort they provide.

They usually have a padded layer that keeps your body cushioned from the rough and hard ground, keeping you from tossing and turning throughout the night. Additionally, they are designed to retain and distribute your body heat evenly, while also keeping light precipitation out due to their water resistant covers.

This ensures that you do not experience unfavorable temperature drops at night. They are also easily portable. A sleeping bag is lightweight and can be easily folded to occupy a very tiny space, enabling you to tie it onto your backpack conveniently.

2. Tents

A tent is considered to be essential because it provides a form of shelter when camping. There are several types of tents to consider for your outdoor excursions such as the large family tents, which are ideal for housing many people and quick pitch tents, which almost set themselves up once you unload them.

However, for summer camps, canopy tents (preferably size 10×10) are the best for providing shade as you enjoy the views. The best 10×10 canopy tents should at least be waterproof and lightweight so that they can protect you from the rain and be easy to carry when you decide to shift camp.

3. Backpack

This is a no-brainer. As you gather your camping items, you must pack them in a backpack for easy and convenient carrying. Depending on the number of days you want to camp, you should select a backpack that will fit the essentials for those number of days. It should also be waterproof and have straps for carrying your sleeping bag.

4. Stove

Carrying packed food might not be ideal for summer camps. In fact, hunting for food is a basic part of camping and it makes the experience even better in the wild.

After hunting, the food must be prepared. A stove would come in handy and would save you the time of having to fetch firewood. Packed food might also need to be warmed, making stoves very essential to camping.

5. Clothes

In most scenarios, summer camping takes days, if not weeks. Therefore, you will need a few clothes to change into as you either wash the dirty ones or keep them for washing later when you get back home.

6. Survival Tools

Survival tools might include things like knives, axes, and first aid kits, which are solely meant to make survival easier. Camping knives can be really useful when hammering down tent pegs as well as when hunting and preparing food.

Axes can be used for cutting off tree branches as you clear your camping ground and also to chop firewood, in case you want to set up a bonfire at night. First aid kits are crucial in case someone gets hurt while still camping.

Final Words

All these items should be the basic summer camp items. If you want to pack in some extras for the camp, you should make sure that these items are packed first then the remaining space can be used to carry them.

However, you should consider the priority of these extras as well because everything you carry must have a significant benefit in improving your living conditions out there. For instance, it would be wise to carry enough toiletries than pillows, especially if you already have a sleeping bag.


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