SOG Seal Strike Fixed Blade Review

Last Updated on September 23, 2020

SOG Seal Strike Fixed Blade Review

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For all intent and purposes, the SOG SEAL Strike Fixed Blade is one of the best all-round survival knives available on the market today. SOG has a diverse range of award-winning knives and tools that are sold everywhere in the world.

It has produced the favorite models of specialty tools and knives used by outdoor enthusiasts, the military, industrial tradesmen and law enforcement around the world. Their newest addition to the SEAL fixed-blade knife family, the SEAL Strike was without any qualms a home run.

SOG seal strike fixed blade combined each and everything they had intellectually acquired over the years of real-world deployment and experiences then combined it into one magnificent package. SS1003-CP is rugged, durable and it’s a terrific choice for any outdoor and underwater endeavors.

It comes with so many amazing features and these Tactical Knives are as elite as their carriers with top-notch performance both as rescue and utility blades. The SEAL Strike is serious business and doesn’t look back on the tradition of supplying the world’s elite military forces.

Features of SOG Seal Strike Fixed Blade Tactical Knife

Blade Details

The quality 4.9-inch partially serrated blade is a first-rate field companion for underwater and outdoor expeditions. This blade is made from AUS-8 stainless steel and a clip point design which gives way for some aggressive jimping on the top which allows for better control of the blade to ensure you do a good job.

This sharp tack blade allows for endless possibilities from cutting metal to cutting wood. This blade also comes with a durable powder coated finish or black TiNi coating for additional corrosion resistance.

SOG seal strike fixed blade has a unique cryogenic heat treatment process which works by decreasing the temperatures to -300F first before bringing it to room temperature.

With this process, the blade material is relieved on an atomic level which results in an overall increase in toughness and increases wear resistance.  There is also a significant decrease in edge-chipping and micro-fracturing resulting as well as longer edge retention.

Handle and Ergonomics

This blade is housed in a rugged, durable and longer ergonomic glass-reinforced nylon and stainless steel handle with anti-slip dig drip and deeper finger grooves and an extended full tang construction with a hammering pommel.

With clean or dirty, dry or wet, the diamond-checkered texture on this knife provides a very solid grasp. The polymer hand may not be the prettiest out there by it offers comfort and doesn’t retain hit or cold heat or cold.

This handle is insanely tough and feels as natural as it gets while in your hand.


SS1003-CP comes with a more than average sheath for a knife within its price range. It has a standard hard nylon sheath or deluxe model with a belt clip.

It has a positive locking nature and features other rich adornments including a fire steel, built-in cord-cutter, single-stage sharpening stones as well as large attachment points.

This is very innovating and clearly, it makes it such a perfect choice for backpacking and day-to-day activities. All these extra security features in one package are what you don’t get just in any knife unless it’s a hit like SS1003-CP.

Other Features

This knife has an overall length of 9.6” and weighs 5.6 ounces. This Taiwan-made knife has a limited lifetime warranty.

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  • It’s lightweight, well-balanced and very comfortable and boosts at excellent ergonomics.
  • The blade has great sharpness and solid cutting mechanisms.
  • It’s rugged, well-constructed and built-to-last.
  • It comes with extra security features which make it perfect for survival application.


  • Some customers had complaints about the choil and wished it was a little bit smaller or bigger or not be there at all.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

Q: In which country is this knife manufactured?

A: It made in Taiwan.

Q: What type of finish does the blade have?

A: It comes with a powder coated finishing or black TiNi coating.

Q: How is the sheath retention, can it hold the knife in upside down position?

A: Yes, it would. The sheath is well fitted to the blade and it’s unlikely it would unintentionally fall out.

Final Word

SOG Seal Strike Fixed Blade is the blade you go to if you are an outdoor enthusiast and it’s guaranteed that you will get the value for your money.

Created by the renowned knife designer Spence Frazer, this is one of his unique patented inventions that have earned SOG numerous prestigious awards and all the recognition it gets worldwide.

It doesn’t compromise on style and performance and his work on SS1003-CP was on another level. This wicked knife is fully capable of handling any serious business from rescue operations to utility tasks.

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