Snake Eye Tactical Pistol Crossbow Review

Last Updated on September 23, 2020

Snake Eye Tactical Pistol Crossbow

Today, we are continuing to talk about a crossbow. This crossbow is a tactical type. It is a pistol style crossbow which assures you will enjoy using it. The manufacturer of this strong pistol crossbow is Last Punch.

You must have heard this name if you are a very frequent customer of crossbow or crossbow accessories. This company has made many user-friendly gears. Snake Eye Tactical Crossbow is one of them.

It is a very powerful weapon. You can always expect a good result from it. It has many positive sides. All the features are capable of satisfying you all the time you use this strong pistol crossbow.

Our today’s product has many special sides. It has the self-cocking system. This mechanism is very popular nowadays. So, the manufacturer didn’t forget to add this feature.

This product is capable of striking your prey very badly. But still, it is safe to use. You can operate this weapon very easily. You just need to have minimum knowledge of handling such weapons.

There are several reasons why we chose this product to show you. We did several types of researches and found this weapon useful and vital. So, let’s give you the detailed information about this awesome crossbow.

Features of The Snake Eye Tactical Pistol Crossbow


Accuracy cannot be questioned if we are discussing Snake Eye Tactical Pistol crossbow. This is the reason why you can hunt down animals perfectly.

Accuracy is the main thing when you are intending to shoot down a game. You can easily keep yourself in a fair distance from your target and shoot arrows perfectly.

As an accurate one, it has earned name and fame. This is an ideal weapon to use when you are trying to hunt down a small game from a short distance. It will always produce accuracy and effectiveness.

Safe to Use

This product is safe enough for all types of users. Even your little child can use this crossbow for target practicing. So, it can be called a family product.

As it is safe to use, you can expect this weapon not to harm yourself when you are using it. It doesn’t even fail accidentally. So, everyone around you when you are using this crossbow is safe enough.


The assembly of this crossbow is quite easy and takes minimum time. You can even assemble this without having any special knowledge about crossbow’s assembly. Only the stringing part needs a little care. Apart from this, it’s very easy indeed.


The crossbow is capable of producing strength even when it becomes old. Even from 20 yards distance, it can powerfully strike a metal sheet. And it is proven too.

If you perfectly aim at your target then it will surely strike your target perfectly and put some serious effect on the target.


  • Self-cocking mechanism is integrated for the user’s comfort.
  • The crossbow can be loaded easily.
  • The whole body of this crossbow is made of durable metal.
  • 15 metal arrows set is given with the crossbow.


  • The metal arrows have cheap construction. Better not to use them

Final Words

This is one of those crossbows which have simple and durable construction. As we said earlier, you can even give this crossbow to your younger ones for target practicing. You can even perform target practicing in your backyard. You can load this crossbow with arrows easily too.

But apart from all these, there is one thing you must concern. You only will have good facility from this crossbow when you take proper care of this crossbow. You have to make some time for the maintenance issue. Then you can enjoy using this crossbow.


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