Short Arms Cases: What should we look for?

Last Updated on June 4, 2020

We will continue from here trying to clarify doubts that could assail him at the time of such a significant acquisition as are the cases of short guns that help him to carry his weapon in the best conditions.

Short Arms Cases

On too many occasions we run into people who are hard-pressed to acquire the best weapon, ask for advice, investigate and finally make the decision they think is most appropriate to their needs, not caring to make a significant outlay when purchasing their semiautomatic or revolver.

Tactical Equipment of Official Estates

In the same way act many official estates, that acquire the short arms for their endowment presenting/displaying specifications that specify the strict requirements that they must present, but not so with the cover so that their agents carry the weapon with certain guarantees.

At the state level, we can see how members of the National Police Force are increasingly discarding the sleeves of the service weapon that the body provides them.

Especially the personnel of individual operating units, either because their durability and quality is limited or because of simple distrust for the realization of some services.

The same happens in our beloved Civil Guard, in which the satisfaction for the acquisition, a few years ago, of the Beretta 92 disappeared when we saw the cover with which it was accompanied.

In the same way as in our Armed Forces, in which the acquired case does not allow the use of the pistol with the complements with which it is supplied.

Covers of Service and Concealed Carry

We will make the first distinction between hidden cover bags, used by personalities protection elements, plainclothes agents, people authorized to carry weapons for their own self-protection, etc … and service covers, which are those in which the low profile and the Discretion are not as important as security so as not to lose the weapon and its ready availability.

And the second distinction of you is according to the materials used in its preparation. From the first integral covers in leather and later in simple canvas to the most sophisticated polymers.

Leather Pistol Cases

Leather cases have evolved to this day using leathers and high-quality treatments to the point of getting great moldings that adapt perfectly to the weapon.

The tendency is to make specific cases for a particular model of weapon. In this way, the universal cases that are worth everything and disappear hardly fit well with most weapons.

Cordura Gun Cases

Cordura cases, undoubtedly much cheaper than some quality skins, offer durability and comfort. They are not elegant, but they are functional. On the other hand, they present negative aspects regarding safety due to wear and deformations of them over time.

They also retain moisture to no small extent, and it is difficult for the aiming elements not to end up damaged and making holes in according to what models. This causes snagging with the crosshairs and makes it difficult to extract the weapon.

Kydex Gun Covers

The Kydex has been the material that has revolutionized the shell industry. Its adaptability allows perfect molds of your weapon.

It protects it, it does not absorb moisture, it does not deform, allowing reinfusion of the weapon without the need to use the weak hand and it admits an infinity of security systems.


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