How To Shoot A Compound Bow Accurately

Last Updated on September 26, 2020

The bow and arrow has had a long and varied history worldwide from Roman archers, Mongolian mounted warriors to the Native American warriors and hunters in the ‘Old West’.

Even though there are many types of bow with a host of uses, the compound bow is relatively new to the world of archery and was only first introduced during the 1960’s by Holless Wilbur Allen. So here is an easy guide on how to shoot a compound bow accurately.

Shoot Compound Bow Accurately

Shooting the Compound Bow Correctly

  1. You will need to take your recurve bow and step on the shooting line with one foot on each side of the line.
  2. Place an arrow on the ‘Rest’ and clip the arrow on to the string between the ‘D shaped loop’.
  3. Now take the ‘Release A’ on to the ‘D shaped loop’.
  4. Steady your grip with the other hand and prepare to draw the bow.
  5. Raise your arm, tilting the bow upwards to aim at the target.
  6. Draw the bow to the mechanical ‘Spout’.
  7. Now you will need to anchor your shot and aim by aligning your dominant eye or shooting eye, with both the ‘Peep sight’ and the ‘Front sight’ and onto the target.
  8. Finally, it is important to keep a solid position while pulling to activate the release of the shot and when ready you can release the arrow and fire at your target.

Blinding Results

So now you are shooting with the best compound bow correctly what else can you do to make sure your shot is spot on target? Well, one of the best tips to improve shot accuracy is shot without actually looking at the target as you shoot! That’s impossible I hear you say. Well if you follow these simple instructions your shot will improve:

  1. To begin withstand from a close range, up to 5 yards from the target and load your arrow and draw your bow as described above.
  2. Once you have drawn the bow and you are ready to release the arrow, simply close your eyes while pointing your arrow at the target.
  3. Now just totally focus on your release. Focusing on the element of your shot.
  4. Then release the compound bow arrow when you feel ready.

If these above tips sounds hard to you, hunting blind is the solution for you to hide you from your game. You will get more time to take the preparation to make the shot.

Practice Makes Perfect

Keep practicing with your eyes closed from 5 yards and with time you will develop a natural awareness or muscle memory for what is needed for that accurate shot and it will become second nature to you with your eyes open.

Once you have reached that point of recognition and accuracy then move your starting line gradually and ever more gradually further away from the target, still perfecting your shot with your eyes closed.

Practicing this technique will eliminate your need to anticipate the shot, your body will just know when the shot will be released.

Confidence Is Key to Accuracy of Your Shot

Essentially you will not need to hope it is your best; you will instinctively know it is your best shot before you release it. Knowing how to shoot a compound bow accurately, is important if you want to have confidence in your shot. With a quality crossbow you will have your confidence high.

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