Shark Sonic Duo Carpet and Hard Floor Cleaner ZZ550 Review

Last Updated on September 23, 2020

Shark Sonic Duo Carpet and Hard Floor Cleaner ZZ550

The Shark Sonic Duo Carpet and Hard Floor Cleaner (ZZ550) is a compact well designed and easy to use cleaning system that is meant for all in one use. It has been enhanced with liquid polishing and cleaning features.

It not only dry lifts dust and dirt particles but also makes sure that the area is deep cleaned thoroughly. It is a delight to use this system on carpets, rugs, hardwood or tile floors and other surfaces.

Shark sonic duo reviews have been great on the positive side from its users. This review below will help you see its strengths and weaknesses and help you decide if this is the one that fits your list.

Easy to use and lightweight

This shark sonic pro system may seem much complicated to use but it is actually very simple. This product weighs an astonishing 9 lbs only. This is actually lower than any carpet cleaners available in the market.

Not only that, the shark sonic duo is supplied with a swivel head and appropriate length ergonomic design that makes sure that users are completely stress-free while using this system. The cleaner head is also supplied with lights just in case.

AirGlide maneuverability

Powerful vacuum carpet and floor cleaners offer a little bit of resistance since high suction power is in play. But with shark sonic duo there is no resisting force to work against.

The microfiber cleaning pads along with enough suction to lift the dry dust particles, glides against hard floor surface, accumulating dirt and dust and still offering least resistance. This saves a huge amount of manual stress. The cleaner takes away moisture from embedded dust making them lose hold while the gentle suction does its part.

Regular maintenance

Shark Sonic duo is a fully equipped cleaning system which when used regularly will keep your home sparkling clean and dirt free. This is because of the way it works.

The special cleaning liquid supplied loosens dirt and dust particles embedded in carpets, rugs, floors etc. and the gentle sonic action combined with microfiber cleaning pads removes them effectively.

The cleaning pads are washable and reusable, thus can reduce maintenance costs. Also, the cleaning liquid supplied with the kit can be used a number of times before its depleted.

Healthy and clean

The liquid used in this cleaning system is completely non-toxic. Hence, it is safe for pets and family. Since this device is primarily for regular maintenance jobs, dirt and dust accumulation is reduced greatly and thus providing a healthy environment.

This product does not leave any moist residue on your carpet and floors, rather, it dries the sticky dirt and removes them. The cleaning system leaves a good smelling carpet and sparkling floors enough to surprise you with its effectiveness.

Deep clean carpets without a fuss

With normal similar deep carpet cleaning systems, they first rinse the carpet with water and soap after which, the dirty water mix is sucked back into a water container. Shark sonic duo working technique is completely different and much more fuss-free.

The special cleaning liquid does half the job of removing old stains, dirt and even pet stains from carpet by detaching it from the carpet and then the scrub pads gently remove the loose dirt from the surface.


  • Total control and smooth operation with its AirGlide maneuverability, swivel head fitted with lights and also its low weight factor.
  • The cleaning pads supplied are washable, reusable and also color coded for ease of use.
  • Scrubbing capability is at 1000 scrubs per minute with dual scrubbing mode for carpets and hard floors.
  • Kit supplies non-toxic concentrated cleaning solutions.
  • Removes embedded dirt and deep cleans your carpet and hard floors effectively.


  • Cleaning pads must be cleaned immediately after every use.
  • Cleaning pads must be replaced after 20 uses.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: What pads are supplied in the box?

A: You will get 2 nos hard floor cleaning pad, 1 nos carpet cleaning pad, 1 nos carpet scrubber, 1 nos floor polisher. If you buy a new solution, new pads are supplied with it.

Q:  How many settings mode does it have?

A: It has 3 setting modes. 1- Off ; 2- Low (for hard floors) ; 3- High (for carpet cleanings)

Q: Is this a bagless Vacuum cleaner?

A: This is not a vacuum cleaner at all. It is a cleaning and polishing system in which dirt and stains are removed by the microfiber cleaning pads attached with the help of cleaning liquids.

Final Words

Shark sonic duo reviews from its customers have been hugely satisfying for the company. This compact cleaning system not only takes the hard work out of manually scrubbing and cleaning a dirty area or carpets but also, it does it with minimal physical effort.

Being lightweight and totally maneuverable, it is fun to use it for your day to day cleaning jobs. It does need to be maintained a bit more, but if you can compromise on this, this Shark Sonic Duo cleaner will surely surprise you with its performance and abilities.


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