Shark Rocket Vacuum Reviews

Last Updated on May 3, 2018

Shark Rocket Vacuum

A vacuum cleaner is just about perfect for day to day cleaning purpose for your home, office or any area for that matter. Forgetting the most out of it you have to choose the device that suits your requirements perfectly.

Out of the thousands of brands and models available, it gets pretty confusing to decide which one to buy. Shark Rocket Vacuum (HV301) is one such model to take a special look at if you are trying to select one for yourself.

Shark rocket vacuum reviews have been greatly positive from its users and some mentions that it was their best-bought vacuum cleaner in a long time.

Below mentioned are some features of this particular vacuum cleaner which will let you decide if it is the one that suits you perfectly also.

Non-stop or Never Lose Suction Technology

Never lose suction technology is a roundup of the most important feature that one may look for when buying a vacuum cleaner. While performing cleaning jobs with vacuum cleaners, it is observed that the longer you operate the cleaner, the lesser the suction power gets.

This is due to the fact that dust particles gather inside the filter intake blocking the air flow path. Hence reducing the suction power. Shark rocket vacuum employs internal filter cleaning technologies which makes sure that this does not happen. This lets you perform your cleaning jobs smoothly without any hiccups for long intervals of time.

Lightweight and Easy Portability

Shark rocket vacuum is ultra-lightweight when compared to similarly powered vacuum cleaners and thus it gives you more options and flexibility.

Being on the light side of the weight ratio, it makes sure that one can carry on cleaning jobs with least stress, freely and also be able to clean areas such as walls, roofs, ceiling, ceiling fans where one needs to lift the cleaning rod or at times.

The entire device on their hands to reach those places. The portability factor in Shark Rocket vacuum cleaner is by itself a huge positive.

Swivel Head

Most vacuum cleaners chose to omit this feature which comes to play quite a few times while doing cleaning jobs. Swivel head feature allows a person to stay at a certain angle and yet perform cleaning at places which are not at the same angle. This reduces work effort a lot.

This includes cleaning around table legs and even around picture frame attachment on walls. Moreover, swivel heads are a very important feature to look for if one is intending to clean a room with lots of furniture or nooks and crannies.

Versatile Cleaning With Lots of Options

Shark rocket vacuum comes with lots of versatile cleaning options and attachments which makes cleaning fun and stress-free. It allows one to easily clean walls, ceilings and moreover, the wand can be extended to reach deep or high above places with ease.

It also comes with Dust-Away technology with microfiber pad attachment. Micro attachments come into play if you want to clean electronics such as printers and keyboards.

Pet Hair Cleaning and Carpet Deep Cleaning

Shark rocket vacuum cleaner comes with powerful and non-reducing suction power. This makes sure that dirt and dust particles easily come up even if embedded within carpets and rugs. Pet hair cleaning is almost perfect with this powerful suction and it removes even the deeply embedded hairs.

This vacuum cleaner has dual speed brush roll so that you can select the perfect mode for cleaning even your most delicate things. Deep cleaning your carpets or delicate cleaning on your floor and rugs can be achieved by just a flick of a button.

Easy to Empty Dirt Chamber

With most dirt canisters supplied with vacuum cleaners, users have faced problems with dirt chambers which are very hard to open. Shark rocket vacuum cleaner comes with an easily operated dirt chamber which allows one to open it with less effort.

To open and empty the dirt chamber you just have to hold it over a bin and press the “bottom door release” button on the front and empty all the accumulated dirt. This is a very handy feature while performing heavy cleaning on dusty areas which may need frequent emptying of the dirt chamber.


  • Very lightweight, easily maneuverable.
  • Powerful non-stop suction for deep cleaning of carpets and hard floors.
  • Dual mode for selection of cleaning power.
  • Versatile and comes with various attachments.
  • Cleaning is made effortless with swivel head which makes it easier to reach corners at angles.


  • Some shark rocket vacuum reviews have stated that some users were not happy about the motor being placed on the handle.
  • This does not come with HEPA filtration so people with intensive dust allergy may try some other cleaners.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Does it use filter bags or dirt chamber only?

A: This is a bagless unit so you have the dirt chamber only, hence, less cleaning needed.

Q: Can it be used as a short handheld vacuum?

A: Yes, owing to the modular design, it can easily be used as a small handheld vacuum.

Q: Can it be used effectively on – Tile, Hardwood, and carpets?

A: Yes the powerful suction capacity can clean these surfaces with ease and also effective on rugs, walls, ceilings etc.

Final Words

If you are looking for a powerful and versatile vacuum cleaner, Shark Rocket Vacuum (HV301) is a great buy. Adding to the positive factors are features such as maneuverability and lightweight. Shark rocket vacuum reviews form hundreds of real-time users have proved how effective it is when it comes to cleaning.

Moreover, the design is among the slimmest you can find in the market and hence can be easily stored away and even left hanging on the wall. Besides, the power and usage features this provides can surely make it your favorite among your best buys.


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