Shark Navigator Vacuum NV22L Review

Last Updated on May 3, 2018

Shark Navigator Vacuum NV22L

Keeping clean your living area is a job you cannot bail upon and vacuum cleaners have always been the equipment of choice everywhere. Upright vacuum cleaners not only make the job easy but also stress-free.

Considering the array of brands available in the market, it sometimes becomes a lot confusing to decide what to go for. Shark is one such brand which has been providing an array of vacuum cleaners which provide a lot of features for demanding household applications.

Shark Navigator Vacuum (NV22L) has been the user’s delight when it comes to cleaning. This shark navigator vacuum review will help you decide if this device fulfills your requirement for cleaning.

Powerful Suction With “No Loss of Suction Technology”

A vacuum cleaner must have good suction power, otherwise it is as good as obsolete. This shark navigator vacuum has powerful suction which is the most important factor while choosing a vacuum cleaner.

The “no loss of suction” technology prevents the suction power of the device to go low while performing cleaning in long intervals.

This is as good as it can get because fall of suction power while vacuuming is a noted syndrome that occurs in a lot of devices, but not this one. In short, the continuous powerful suction capable shark navigator cleaner gets full points in this feature category.

Easily Maneuverable and Lightweight

As with the history with upright vacuum cleaners, they are a little bit difficult to handle and operate than normal ones. This is because of the fact that they weigh much more. But this is not in case of shark navigator.

This device falls in the lightweight category of upright vacuum cleaners weighing only at a measly 15 pounds. Moreover, the rubberized wheels offer enough friction so as to glide on the floors making the cleaning job hassle-free and less stressful.

Maneuverability matters when it comes to vacuum cleaners and this Shark vacuum has no problems in scoring a decent score here.

Pet Hair Cleaning, Floor Cleaning and Deep Cleaning of Carpets

Carpets are hard to clean when pets are around or environment is too dusty. Pet hairs have a tendency to get embedded in carpets or rugs and become almost impossible to remove.

The Shark Navigator vacuum uses moving brush combined with powerful suction technology which helps in removing embedded dust and pet hairs effectively. The moving brush can be turned on and off so as to ensure that your carpets and floor gets cleaned properly.

Also, the powerful suction along with various types of attachments makes sure that every type of cleaning is achieved with this beast.

Comes With Long Power Cord, Extended Reach Wand

Corded upright vacuum cleaners offer the power of suction that cordless variants lack to some extent. This is the reason corded variants are so popular. But the length of power cord varies greatly among models.

With this vacuum cleaner, a 25 ft long power cord is supplied which is a great positive. Also, the extended reach and ensures that you can use it to go under furniture or areas which are out of your reach normally.

Large Capacity Dust Chamber

This is an area of debate of how big a dust container will one actually need? The general logic states that one should be able to complete a cleaning job with the least emptying.

Hence by default, large capacity dust containers are the way to go. This Shark Navigator vacuum has got this area of importance covered. Not only is the dust chamber is of decent size, but also the emptying of the dust chamber is as easy as it can get with bottom release feature.


  • Powerful suction combined with no loss of suction technology.
  • Can remove embedded hair and dust particles from carpet, rugs etc.
  • Rotating brush can be switched on / off as required.
  • Easily maneuverable and also lightweight.
  • Comes with 25 ft power cord, an extended reach wand for access of hard to reach parts of the room.
  • Easy to open and clean dirt chamber.


  • Consists of plastic parts, hence, should be handled with extra care.
  • Does not come with HEPA air filtration. This may cause problems for people with a dust allergy.
  • You have to clean it from time to time to make sure the filter is clean.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Can it reach under low furniture?

A: It is not a low clearance model so it cannot reach under too low furniture but cleaning under moderate height furniture is just fine.

Q: Does the unit have dirtbags or just dirt chamber?

A: This is a bagless unit so no dirtbags are there. It consists of an easily emptying dirt bin.

Q: How long is the hose?

A: The hose is about 40 inches when normal and stretches to about 8 ft when extended.

Final Words

The above information is a detailed shark navigator vacuum review where one can clearly see the features this little device packs which far outweighs the number of cons it has, though it is totally a user’s choice if he or she is able to compromise on the few lacking aspects of this device.

Overall shark navigator reviews are hugely positive from its users and from the looks, specs, and capabilities, this device is a perfect suit for a budget upright vacuum cleaner which is powerful and at the same time, equipped with a lot of features.


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