Shark Navigator Lift Away Professional NV356E Reviews

Last Updated on May 3, 2018

Shark Navigator Lift Away Professional NV356E

Keeping your home clean sometimes demand more attention to it than you can probably give. Thus, you choose various tools to simplify your work. Selecting a vacuum cleaner for your home is one of those few decisions that you cannot bail upon. But more important is a selection of the right one.

The Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional Upright (NV356E) is by far one of the best vacuum cleaners to own if you are considering buying one. The shark navigator lift away pro reviews have been tremendously positive from its users and we are going to view the reasons of this, in detail, below.

This feature-filled vacuum cleaner comes with an array of technologies which are useful and makes cleaning a breeze.

Continuous Suction Technology

Continuous suction technology or never lose suction technology makes sure that the suction power stays the same throughout and you can rely on the cleaner, cleaning your home with the same efficiency from start till the end of the whole cleaning process.

The advanced cyclonic technology inside the vacuum cleaner helps in separation of dirt particles from the air, hence preventing it from clogging the filter intakes. This gives you a smooth ongoing suction power from start till the end.

Large capacity portable canister and Dust-Away attachments

The holding canister supplied with this unit is large, portable and lightweight. This offers great mobility and provides efficiency. Extra-large dust cap ensures that you can quickly clean your upholstery, stairs and even hard to reach areas effectively and quickly in a single go.

The Shark Navigator Pro also features the patented Dust-Away dry floor cleaning attachment, which helps to clean your floor with impeccable perfection.

This two-step cleaning technology uses the powerful suction to suck in any seen and unseen dirt particles on the first step, followed by the microfiber cleaning pads to wipe away the tiniest of dirt particles.

Pet attachments

Pet hairs are sometimes hard to remove effectively from surfaces such as carpet and clothing. This is because of the fact that they sometimes get embedded deep in such surfaces. With Shark Navigator pet hair cleaner attachments, this job certainly becomes a lot easier.

The powerful suction along with special pet hair remover attachments makes sure that even those deeply embedded hairs get removed and also hard to reach places gets easily accessible.

Hygienic anti-allergen protection with HEPA

People who are worried about all the allergens and dust particles floating in the room while doing cleaning jobs with a vacuum cleaner will find this point, particularly of interest. Shark Navigator cleaner uses anti-allergen complete seal technology along with powerful HEPA filtration.

This helps in containing over 99.9% allergens and dirt particles inside the vacuum cleaner while it throws out completely breathable air.

Swivel Steering

Most vacuum cleaners come with fixed heads. This, though may not make a difference in cleaning absolutely flat surfaces, but it does when one needs to cover edges.

With swivel on the steering rod, it moves effectively and with much more precision than normal fixed head cleaners hence providing precision cleaning on all those edges and corners and even hard to reach surfaces.


  • Its lightweight and hence it is much more maneuverable.
  • Has the powerful suction capacity to lift even embedded dirt from various types of surfaces even clothing.
  • Anti-allergen and dirt protection technology ensures that the vacuum throws breathable air from cleaning.
  • Better inner cleaning technology help keep the filter dirt free and ensures that suction capacity remains at maximum, always.
  • Different attachments for cleaning, deep cleaning and even better pet hair removal.
  • Swivel steering makes cleaning effortless.
  • Shark navigator lift away pro reviews by users state that noise level is much lower than expected from similar power devices.


  • Has plastic parts and hence it’s better to handle with care.
  • Some Shark navigator lifts away pro reviews claim that Shark support is not up-to the mark.
  • Emptying the dirt is better done outside since it traps minute dirt particles. Once you open the dirt canister, you may have the dirt spread around easily.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Difference between the standard brush roll and gentle brush roll?

A: The standard brush roll is for cleaning carpets and such and the gentle brush rolls are on hard floors.

Q: Effectiveness of cleaning pet hairs and do they get tangled?

A: The Shark Navigator Lift-away Professional Upright (NV356E) is very much capable of effectively removing pet hairs from surfaces such as sofa, carpets, clothing etc. and No, the pet hairs do not get tangled.

Q: Is this a bagless unit?

A: Yes, this is a bagless unit. The dust canister is made of clear plastic and can be removed with ease.

Final Words

Besides providing the suction power that stays the same throughout the cleaning process, Shark has also included various attachments for specific cleaning situations and scenarios which helps a lot in various cleaning processes.

This lightweight vacuum cleaner is the perfect device of choice if someone is going for a vacuum cleaner that is powerful, easily maneuverable, comes with advanced features and yet pocket-friendly.

The Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional Upright NV356E is the one you should take a look at for making tiresome cleaning process a lot more easier, quicker and hygienic.


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