Shark Navigator Freestyle SV1106 Reviews

Last Updated on April 24, 2018

Shark Navigator Freestyle SV1106

To obtain a clean home space, it is necessary to make sure that cleaning duties are performed more than needed. This makes sure that everything is in top condition all the time. Cleaning duties can be taken care of easily by vacuum cleaners which help in saving both time and money.

With cordless vacuum cleaners, it is made much easier. The Shark Freestyle cordless SV1106 is one step ahead of the competition by the application of features that perform and also by being a budget friend appliance.

Shark Navigator Freestyle Cordless Stick Vacuum Reviews from its users are hugely positive indicating that shark must be doing something right.


Easy to use

This device is lightweight weight at only 11 pounds. This gives enough comfort to the user while performing cleaning duties. It is thus easier to move around and up and down the stairways. The swivel head makes sure that one can also operate the vacuum cleaner around the furniture with ease.

The flat head design of the cleaning head can get effectively under furniture and cleans up to a certain depth under them. With its ergonomically built body with even weight distribution, one can easily find the difference when handling this shark navigator freestyle sv 1106.

Strong suction

Suction power is one of the most important aspects while buying a vacuum cleaner. Though in cordless models, suction is by default a little bit less than corded canister or upright model but a good cordless vacuum’s suction power should be as much as needed to the cleaning job properly and efficiently.

The SV1106 applies a 10V motor and the smart suction technology provides enough suction power to collect dust and debris on a surface in one go.

Dual power control

While most cordless vacuum cleaners at this price range offer a single power mode which makes it harder to control while performing different cleaning activities.

In case of carpet cleaning where dust is embedded deep between the strands, more powerful suction is needed to remove the embedded dirt. The freestyle 1106 have dual power mode which not only increases power for carpet and rugs cleaning activity but also saves power.

Since carpets and rugs are smaller than floor area, it matters how much power one uses since this is a cordless device and runs on batteries. Power control is thus a needed function.

Fast charging time

With rechargeable devices such as the Shark navigator freestyle, it makes sense to have a faster-charging unit. Most people use cordless stick vacuums for performing small cleaning duties all around the house without the need of taking out their heavy primary vacuum cleaner.

Keeping it charged the whole time by attaching it to the dock charger is a good thing to do. Also, fast charging time ensures that the vacuum cleaner is ready for the next cleaning session faster, after having a full-fledged cleaning activity spanning a full charge usage.

Extra-large dust cup

With the ability to perform a good cleaning, dust capacity matters. A good vacuum with small dust capacity means one has to empty it now and then, which is stressful.

The SV1106 has a dust capacity larger than most standard cordless stick vacuum cleaners available in the market. This means one can keep on performing their cleaning activities for longer intervals before emptying the dust cap becomes absolutely necessary.

Added to this fact is the advantage of the dust cap is very easy to remove and completely washable and reusable, further reducing the investment towards maintenance.


  • This is a lightweight cleaner which is easily maneuverable and effortless to use.
  • Perfect for hard floor cleaning and light carpet cleaning.
  • Removes pet hairs with ease. Even the hairs embedded into the carpet strands.
  • Fast recharging time and long usage time ensures that one can use it for long cleaning intervals.


  • Deep cleaning of carpets is not as thorough as compared to standard vacuum cleaners with special attachments.
  • Cannot get under low clearance furniture efficiently.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: How does the cleaner perform when it comes to pet hair cleaning?

A: Pet hair cleaning is efficiently done with this cleaner.

Q: Are attachments supplied with this vacuum cleaner?

A: Yes there is the main floor cleaning head which can take care of most cleaning tasks. Other than that, no attachments are supplied.

Q: Should it be removed from charging dock after it completes charging?

A: When completely charge the auto shutdown function stops charging the vacuum cleaner by itself to prevent harm to the battery.

Final Words

Shark Navigator Freestyle Cordless Stick Vacuum reviews everywhere are filled with positive compliments of its users. While this may not be convincing enough for a picky buyer, still the features mentioned herein are the most sought-after features when people are selecting their vacuum cleaners.

With lots of stick vacuums available in the market at this price range, Shark, as a manufacturer of home cleaning appliances from a long time knows exactly what people need and this reflects in their SV1106 stick cordless vacuum cleaner.



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