Shark Navigator Deluxe NV42 Review

Shark Navigator Deluxe NV42

Cleaning duties can be tiresome. Vacuum cleaners can save a huge amount of time and effort considering one gets the right product for their home. Upright vacuum cleaners are the best choice for performing cleaning activities with ease.

The vacuum cleaner market is saturated with products distributed over a vast price range but it is important to decide what to go for, since these devices come in a lot of variations and feature packages.

Shark Navigator Deluxe upright vacuum cleaner offers ultimate comfort and eases while vacuuming one’s home or office space. Shark navigator deluxe reviews have been greatly positive owing to a large number of satisfied users. Below is a breakdown of the features, this device can offer.


The best part of this upright vacuum cleaner is its weight. Weight matters in these categories of cleaners since more weight equal to more effort on the user’s part.

Weight on the lighter side of the scale for upright vacuum the Shark Navigator NV42 is just 15 pounds, which makes it easy to move around and play with.

This lighter weight enables the user to go on their cleaning duties for longer intervals of time without breaking a sweat. Moreover, the device is easily maneuverable around corners and under furniture, making it a delight to use.

Powerful Suction

Navigator Deluxe NV42 from Shark employs “No loss of suction” technology in addition to its powerful suction, whereby, the suction power remains the same all throughout the cleaning process.

In normal upright vacuums, suction power decreases due time, due to dirt and debris gathering on the filter, which soon requires cleaning after performing a single vacuuming session.

This is particularly avoided while using the Navigator vacuum. The filters are kept dirt-free while the dust accumulates in the dust cup.

Various Surface cleaning

Multiple cleaning is what makes a vacuum cleaner more attractive. It reduces the need for having multiple appliances for various cleaning objectives. The best part is, this vacuum cleaner is a single system fit for taking care of different cleaning activities.

From carpet cleaning to cleaning of hard floors can be achieved perfectly with this device. Not only that but even embedded dust particles and dirt can be removed from carpets with ease.

Cleaning pet hairs, though a cumbersome process, but this upright vacuum achieves that with utmost perfection with its “pet hair removal” brush which cleans even the hairs that get stuck in the crevices of carpets and rugs.

Large dust capacity

Supplied with a large dust holding capacity, it does not need to be emptied now and then. This means more of the cleaning work can be done in one go without needing to empty the bin.

Also, this upright vacuum does not come with a dirtbag but in fact, this is replaced by a dirt canister. The positive aspects of this are: one doesn’t have to invest more and more in bags since the dust chamber is washable and reusable.

Also, the bottom opening system makes emptying and cleaning of the dirt canister, an easy and fast process.

Easy Maintenance

Every vacuum cleaner, like other appliances, needs maintenance. Time to time maintenance routines can prolong the life of electrical devices. While most vacuum cleaning devices require complicated maintenance routine, maintaining the Shark Navigator seems just too easy.

The brush can be opened and washed. The filter pad is removable, reusable and washable and gets free of any attached dirt with just a quick rinse in running water. Also, the dirt canister as mentioned above has hassle free emptying and washing needs.


  • Lightweight at 15 pounds and easily maneuverable.
  • Multiple surfaces cleaning can be achieved by a single device.
  • Comes with powerful and uninterrupted suction technology.
  • Removes pet hairs with ease.
  • Supplied with a long chord length of 25 feet which helps in using the device connected from a single power point for a long time.
  • Dirt canister capacity is large hence requires less emptying.


  • Does not come with swivel head technology.
  • Built quality could have been improved a bit.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: How is the noise output of the machine?

A: The noise is minimum for a vacuum cleaner, but not entirely silent.

Q: Does it have different heights of carpet?

A: No, this does not have different heights for carpets but that should not pose much of an issue.

Q: Is the filter easily serviceable?

A: Yes, the filter can be removed easily and washed and reused.

Fainal Words

The Shark Navigator Deluxe is an excellent product if one has to choose a lightweight upright vacuum for day to day cleaning activities. The comfort, ease and the power offered by it is simply a delight when it comes to putting it in the real working scenario.

The shark navigator deluxe reviews have been positive from its users simply because this device offers a great deal of what users expect from it.

If one is looking for a vacuum cleaner in upright vacuum category, this one can prove to be quite effective from the viewpoint of budget, features and ease it offers.


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