Scuba Diving and Kayaking in Glovers Reef, Belize

Last Updated on September 21, 2020

Glover’s Reef locates off the southern coast of Belize and is covered by the Caribbean sea. It is an elliptical-shaped atoll which locates approximately forty miles offshore from the mainland. Though the place faces electricity problems, The number of tourists is increasing day by day due to its immense beauty.

You can enjoy sunrises, sunsets or walk barefoot beneath thousand of stars and so on. Tourists love the place because of its elegant charm, beautiful sea-creatures, and a lot of vacation activities. Among them, kayaking and scuba diving are so popular.

Scuba Diving and Kayaking in Glovers Reef

As a lot of people visit the place in the tourist season, there can be a scarcity of accommodation. So, first of all, reserve a resort before your arrival in the area. Some resorts are best for kayaking purpose; some are ideal for scuba diving.

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If you have sufficient time to explore Glover’s Reef, you can easily try both kayaking and scuba diving in different places. But if you have a short time, find such a resort, which can give you both kayaking and scuba diving opportunities.

Pack all essential things with safety gears and other protection. Contact with your guide when you arrive in Glover’s Reef. Fix your schedule for doing certain activities and travel according to that.

The feeling of kayaking in the crystal clear water of Belize is fantastic. The sight of coral reefs, coastal areas, swimming sea creatures will mesmerize your eyes. The nature of the water and the weather of Belize don’t make the kayaking so easy as regular kayaking.

So, before starting your kayaking journey, make sure that you can control kayak efficiently in the seawater. There are a lot of professional instructors who can teach you paddling techniques and bracing techniques within a short period.

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Besides, they also teach the basic self-rescue and group rescue techniques, tips for fast paddling and paddling techniques in unfriendly weather. When you learn all of the techniques, you are prepared for kayaking.

At the basecamps of Glover’s Reef, you can select either single or double kayaks. If you have children or a person who can not paddle, the double kayak can be the best choice for you. But single kayaks are more stable and agile.

The kayaking time, duration, and places depend on the weather and your interest. Don’t forget to bring extra clothes and safety gears before starting the kayaking trip. It is wise to confirm the availability of foods and accommodation in your destination or along the path you are going.

The dark in Glover’s Reef can come quicker than you expect. Besides, it is very common to face the darkness due to slow paddling and sudden change of climate. So be prepared for kayaking at dark and carry head-torches, long-lasting batteries and extra batteries with you.

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Kayaking in the turquoise water of Belize is the best option for a family trip. It enables the paddlers to visit colorful coral reefs, untouched atolls while giving a vibe of ocean life. There are also many suitable places for stand-up paddleboarding.

Glover’s Reef also provides more facilities for spectacular scuba diving. Don’t worry if you miss any diving equipment or don’t bring anything at all. You can easily find all diving gears in the local shops or resorts and can buy or lend them from rental companies.

You can bring a kayak or dive boat for your adventurous diving. You can also find professional scuba diving trainers who can instruct you for safe sea exploration. It requires way less training but more safety concerns compared to kayaking. When you dive in the ocean, you depend more on your gears and less on you.

So, check your gears at least two times for your safety. Check the equipment of your partner or family members as well. Always prefer group or double diving instead of a solo journey. Learn the communication techniques and the rescue techniques by using your partner’s help if you face any unexpected situations.

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The main rule of scuba is don’t hold your breath cause it may result in injuries, accidents, or even death. Learn the safe diving limits from your instructor and stay within that limit. Stay away from unsafe places where you have to undergo more water pressure and have any risks.

Final Words

If you visit Glover’s Reef but miss scuba diving, it will be the biggest regret of your life. The view of giant coral and colorful creatures will make you perform it again and again. The most famous diving spot situates in the eastern shore where the ocean floor drops to 2,600 feet.

Exploring a new place with facilities like kayaking and scuba diving has always been the most favorite to the tourists. Glover’s Reef is one of those places. If you want to plan a vacation, this place will give you the taste of heaven.


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