Last Updated on January 9, 2018

$2000 Scholarship Program By

At, giving back to the community is one of our cornerstones and proudest achievements. It is our honor to interact and provide support to young and talented individuals. It is for this reason that we are awarding one lucky winner a brand scholarship worth $2000. Through this initiative, we aim to tap and nurture the writing prowess of young students.

This is also a chance for the participants to experience the competitive nature of the world as they will do once they are done with school. Education is very crucial but at the same time very expensive and this is why we have chosen to undertake such an endeavor. We believe that such a commitment will go a long way in helping the winner with the education fees and maybe even a career in literature.

We are very pleased to declare this scholarship of $2000 for the students of any High School, College or University. For wining this scholarship you have to take part in a writing competition. Participants must submit a unique article on any of the following topics.


The Topics

  • Tips on What to Look for When Shopping for Tactical Watches
  • Five Tips on How to Store and Maintain Your Tactical Knives
  • Tactical Gear That You Can Use for Daily Activities

  • Write a Unique Article of About (800-1000) Words on Any of the Above Topics.

  • The following are some of our best resources, and they will enable you to get an idea of what we will be looking for.

Best Resources

Submitting Your Work

  • Send the final copy of your work to our email address with the appropriate title.
  • Include your personal information (Names, Phone Number).
  • The name of your institution.
  • The course you are pursuing at your school/college/university.

Qualification Criteria

  • Must be a student at the High School, College or University level.
  • You are in a position to attach a legitimate document to show proof that you are a student. This may be in form of a student ID or any other relevant document.
  • We do not discriminate on any discipline of study. All courses are welcome.

 Program Deadline

  • Starting Date: September 01, 2017
  • Final Date of Submission: December 31, 2017
  • Review of All Submissions: January 15, 2018
  • Date for Winner Announcement: January 17, 2018
  • Disbursement of Check: February 05, 2018

How To Win the Scholarship

Qualified applicants will enter into a competition by submitting their work before the set deadlines. They will be vetted if they satisfy all the requisite requirements. The person with the most satisfactory work will be chosen as the winner. It is that simple!

We will announce the winner of this scholarship program soon.