Right Uses of the Custom Patches

Last Updated on September 14, 2018

Right Uses of the Custom Patches

Patches are often used as embellishments on various pieces of fabric such as vests, coats and shirts. Apart from adding a layer of decoration, patches also show identity to a group, form parts in uniforms and highlight achievements among many other functions.

For instance, military organizations use their own custom patches on their shirts and coats to show identity and as a requirement on their uniforms as well. However, their use should not be limited to only the above areas. Below are some application areas that show how custom patches can be correctly used:

1. Birth Announcements

Birth announcements are usually exciting news and the parents to usually have a hard time trying to keep calm. Traditionally, such parents would send out mails or make phone call announcements to loved ones but modern parents use the latest platforms such as social media to post messages and pictures to close friends and family as they impatiently wait for the little guy/girl.

What if you want to go further and do something unique? A custom patch could do the trick. Social media posts, phone calls, mails and text messages can be forgotten but a unique piece such as a beautifully embroidered custom patch can be displayed in a shadow box, shelf or other areas, giving your friends and family a constant reminder to the day you welcomed your bundle of joy.

2. Birthdays

In most birthday parties, fun favors such as party hats, masks and horns are handed out. If you want your party to stand out, give out something unique and what a better thing to hand out than a custom patch. Your guests will leave with something that is different and unique and forever remember your big day.

3. Anniversaries

Anniversaries are events you want to remember for a long time. A romantic dinner, a trip to an exotic destination and expensive gifts are some of the best ideas to commemorate such an event and a custom patch, with a beautiful and touching message, will seal off the day and be remembered for life.

4. Marketing

Marketing events are usually characterized by colored brochures, with multiple images of the product being marketed. In most cases, the people who are handed these brochures squeeze them in their hands and throw them into the farthest bin so that you do not feel bad about it.

The problem with this is that it is normal. People are interested in unique things and a custom, the embroidered patch might just do the trick. If they have the details correct – your logo, a simple statement and image about the product – you may just have hit the jackpot.

5. Employee Uniforms

Organizations such fire companies and search and rescue teams already incorporate custom patches on their uniforms. You could do the same with your employees and this might create a sense of oneness between them as well as patriotism towards your business.

Final Words

What stands out about the usage of custom patches is their uniqueness. Not many people use them in the above ways and therefore, it would be a good idea to incorporate them in these as well as other new and innovative areas.

This way, you can also be credited to some point as the creator of the original idea, making you an “inventor” of sorts before the craze catches on.



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