Redington Rise Fly Reel Review

Last Updated on December 14, 2018

Redington is well-establish for serving value-priced product over the year. With Redington reel, they continue their invention beyond traditional reel design. They believe that modern reels are more than just a holder.

It is one of the essential tasks for fly fisherman to select a correct fly fishing reel. Reel helps to balance to fly rod, land the big fish, and perform smoothly.

Redington RISE Fly Fishing Reel meets all the criteria of an ideal reel. This is why people consider it as one of the best fly fishing reels.

What is good about Redington RISE Fly Fishing Reel?

Well, they have several reasons for choosing Redington reel among all. Let’s have a brief look over them.

Excellent Drag System

Reel’s drag is one of the essential features. It provides the braking power to stop large game fish. Redington RISE’s unique cork and Teflon style are compact.

Its carbon fiber enhances the durability. Though, the drag is small in size. But it provides smooth, slip-free, and consistent pressure at any adjustment range.

Large Arbor

Due to its larger arbor, it allows quicker and cleaner line fetch. The reel frame holds the spool tightly without any interruption from lateral slop. That gives a smoother turning of the line.

Unique Design

The reel is CNC machined with an anodized aluminum design. Its extra smooth drag knob protects your hand from getting hurt. The semi-sealed nature of the drag protects its interior from moisture. Its U-shaped arbor makes it more attractive.

Reel Case Protector

A nylon reel case protect the reel from moisture, dirt, sand, and dust.

Comfortable Handle

The handles are very soft to touch and prevent you from getting injured. But, twin mold in grip ensures maximum strength and sturdiness.

Large Drag Knob

Large drag knob with reduced contour provides an easy grip. In spite of the large size, the adjustment is not that hard.

Backing Capacity

It has a backing capacity of the line is within 200 yards.

What is bad about Redington RISE Fly Fishing Reel?

Instead of a few minor issues, we were unable to find any serious problems. These issues can overlook. With some deep research, we get that this reel is heavier compared to other.

Some people claim that the spool looks back-dated, so design changes needed.Also, the drag is not sealed, so you have to be careful while cleaning. Still, if you are careful enough while fishing then these issues won’t bother you.

Final Words

Overall, we can conclude that this reel is very classy yet very affordable than other. Carrying the reel while fishing is not exhausting at all. The unique design of Redington RISE fly fishing reel makes you feel confident while fishing.

In a single word, you can say Redington’s reels are easy to operate and manage. So, you may proceed to grab your one and makes your next fishing experience a best one. If you have any question, then feel free to comment. Hope you had a great time with us.

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