How to Prepare for a Winter Camping Trip?

Last Updated on May 23, 2020

Winter Camping

Camping in the winter season- sounds weird? Actually, you will start loving this craziness once you experience it. If you are an adventure loving person, the season will appeal with something different to you. While it’s a suffer fest to others, you will find a new meaning of this tranquil nature. The solitude, the chance of feeling at one with nature, the challenge it presents and the experience it beholds- will mesmerize you.

While it can be challenging to go on camping in the cold, with the right gear and adequate preparation, even the coldest nights can be exciting and enjoyable.

Here in this article, we will provide all necessary guidelines as to how to make preparation for a winter camping so that you can enjoy it to the fullest.

Warm Sleeping Bag

The first thing to pack for your winter camping is an ultra-warm sleeping bag. While cot might be a good option in summer, it better be avoided in winter. Air under cot will be colder compared to the ground. Instead, choose a quality sleeping bag that is rated for the possible temperature of your camping location. To be on safe side, you can choose one that is assessed for the below temperature you are expecting.

As per the size of the sleeping bag is concerned, it should not be huge, but there should be enough space for your extra clothes and water bottles.

While opting between natural down and synthetic fill, keep the climate of your campsite in consideration. Synthetics are better for wet atmosphere and for dry places, natural down will be the right option.

Expedition Tent

The next thing to make sure you remain warm is your tent. For winter, four season tent is the best option. This tent is also known as ‘expedition’ style tent.

A less ventilating mesh is the reason which is why it can protect cold winds and bad weather. This tent features stronger poles, long-lasting fabric etc.

Or one alternative to this expedition tent is single-wall tent which also worth your consideration. These tents are made from a water-resistant breathable material, so you won’t need a separate fly. These tents are warm, sturdy enough and feature easy set-up.

A Puffy Over Coat

As it is winter, all your concerns revolve around keeping you warm and comfortable. The perfect sleeping bag and a right tent will make sure you are warm in your bed, but you are out of the tent you need an arrangement for that. A big puffy coat will save you from the cold outside. One thing to remember while buying your coat, choose one that fits easily over the layers you are wearing.

You will find two options here as well and the choices should be alike- synthetic for the wet environment and natural down for dry weather area.

A Spacious Backpack

As you need to carry extra gear for winter camping, you must choose a backpack according to that. Your backpack should be large enough to accommodate all your necessary items.

Pack Plenty of Food

While selecting food for winter camping, you must keep few important things in mind. The food you carry should keep you warm, easy to prepare and suitable for cold weather. Meals like pasta, soup, and oatmeal will meet your hunger and keep you full. Sandwiches, pita bread, and French toast may be ideal as a quick dish.

Winter Camping Food

Treats like energy bars better be avoided in winter, because the cold temperature will make them hard. Instead, pack a lot of trail mix, crackers and different type of snacks to boost your energy at any time. Consider taking butter along with these. An ample amount of butter can help you to stay warm.

Pack Extra Clothes

To keep you warm in cold weather, the extra layer of clothes will be needed. Hence, you must bring enough clothes for your winter camping. Winter hat, woolen cloths, and underwear, waterproof coat, winter gloves, warm socks are must-have items for winter-camping.

Pack Necessary Cooking Gears

Pack cooking essentials considering the weather condition of your campsite. Cooking materials for winter camping will differ from those of summer. Like campfire is a great option for cooking in summer, but not suitable for winter as it confuses the internal body temperature. Here, a cooking stove will be the right cooking gear. Along with a powerful stove, a lighter and fuel will be needed. Pack necessary cookware and utensils.

Carry a Water Bottle Insulator

Keeping your water liquid- is really a challenge in cold weather. An insulator makes the work a lot easier. Add one in your winter camping preparation.

Carry a Snow Shovel

In winter camping, you might face badly cold weather and need to clear out snow around your tent and vehicle. A snow shovel will be required for this task. If you have a snow shovel, it will help you in smoothing the ground also.

Pack a First-Aid Kit

When you are out of your comfort zone, in a campsite, you can face any danger. In adverse weather like extreme cold, its way more necessary. A first-aid box is hence an important thing to bring in a camping. In your first-aid box you will have:

  • Bandages, gauze pads, rubbing solution for wound.
  • A burn ointment.
  • Over-the-counter medications like aspirin and antacids.
  • A thermometer.

Carry a Pee Bottle

Are you laughing hearing upon this item?

Yes, a pee bottle is very helpful, especially when you are camping in the winter season. It will save you a trip outside (which is very tough in winter) and keep from holding all night.

Carry a Flashlight

A larger and durable flashlight will help you in the night time. Remember to carry extra batteries than any other time as cold weather decreases the battery life badly.

However, if you read the above article mindfully and follow the same, you are sure to enjoy your nest winter craziness. With necessary arrangements, winter tranquility would be more enjoyable.


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