Turkey Hunting Checklist: Preparation for Turkey Hunting

Last Updated on August 16, 2020

Learn to hunt programs around the country and Preparation for Turkey Hunting are really important because they keep the hunting traditions alive by teaching beginner hunters how to perfect this art. Turkey hunting is an important part of this program and a huge part of it requires you to know the most important requirements that you need to have. If you are wanted to get into turkey hunting, the following basic items should be included in your checklist.

Preparation for Turkey Hunting

Preparation for Turkey Hunting


Before even attempting to shoot down any bird, you need to have a hunting license. Different states have their own hunting laws and requirements and thus, you should ensure that you abide by these and getting a license is usually one the requirements.

The last thing you would want is to get caught on the wrong side of the law after all the work you put into getting your catch.

Turkey Calls

With a hunting license in the bag, you need a method to fool the big bird into thinking that his/her partner is close by and calling. Turkey call boxes have been designed to produce similar sounds to turkeys and will give you an easier time because they will bring the prey closer to you rather than letting you go closer to the prey.

Collapsible Decoys

To make the call seem super genuine, you need a turkey decoy. Modern turkey decoys are built with the most realistic feather details and will totally fool the real turkey into moving extremely close because the birds feel more comfortable with their kind around.

This will give you the chance to take a clean shot and gain more confidence in your abilities as a hunter. Collapsible decoys are the best types because they are easy to carry. You should consider getting these as opposed to the fixed size due to this particular reason.


Regardless of what you are hunting, you should always carry a knife. It is actually the one hunting tool that you should think of by default. Knives are quite versatile and can be used to finish the kill and slaughter the turkey among many other uses.

Turkey Vest

After the introduction of turkey vests, backpacks are rarely used. Vests give you the advantage of keeping every tool easily accessible, all around you. However, they don’t store as much as backpacks but who wants a heavy load while hunting?

The best turkey vest should have multiple large pockets so that you can store all these essential tools and be heavily padded so that it fits comfortably over your upper body.

Preparation for Turkey Hunting


The traditional way to hunt turkeys is by using shotguns. In the spirit of keeping this tradition alive, you should include a shotgun in your checklist. However, you should not limit yourself to this if you don’t like guns. If you prefer hunting using a compound bow, use it instead.

Camouflaged Apparel/Blinds

Camouflaged clothes and blinds might not seem like important tools to the people who are not conversant with hunting. However, once you see and use them, you will believe in them. They help give you the element of invisibility, which is very important, especially in turkey hunting.

If used correctly with the turkey calls and decoys, the prey will come extremely close such that aiming and shooting at them will be a joy.


With these in place, you are ready to head out and land your first catch. However, being the most basic tools, you might need some additional items, just to keep you comfortable. For instance, a first aid kit would come in handy just in case you hurt yourself.

A water bottle will keep you hydrated all through while a flashlight will be very useful when it gets dark. All in all, remember to carry the most essential things first and keep it light.


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