Reminder: 11 Places I Bet You Forget to Clean

Last Updated on April 17, 2020

places I bet you forget to clean

With everyday huge work cores, it is easy to forget cleaning activities to be performed in a wide variety of places. But, to be healthy, maintaining a good amount of cleanliness is necessary.

It reduces the chances of bacteria and germ buildup hence reducing the probability of being affected by diseases and disorders.

Most importantly, people living with pets such as cats, dogs or anything that has hair or feathers, must keep a lookout for cleaning tight places on a regular basis. Below is a small rundown through a list of commonly forgotten places to clean.

Bed sheets

Having a clean bed sheet is a must since sleep is an important part of our lives. Having a clean bed sheet equals to getting rid of mid-sleep itches and discomforts.

Moreover, pet hairs which seem to have a liking to getting deposited on bed sheets and pillow covers should be removed for maintaining a clean and healthy environment.


As much as it is important to take care of bed sheets and pillow covers, it’s also the same for mattresses. One may not pay attention and might think that changing bed sheets are enough. Wrong! Dust does find its way through and get deposited on mattresses.

If left for long, it might get to a point where it can harbor pets like bed lice! Changing bed sheets won’t be enough in that case. So, occasional cleaning or dusting of mattresses must be done. Handheld Vacuum cleaners like Dyson V6 are really good for performing these types of cleaning activities.

Behind furniture

While performing regular home cleaning, people seem to ignore the cleaning of places such as behind furniture completely. These places sometimes may be hard to reach, but most vacuum cleaners with a long hose or detachable hose are very good at performing these kinds of jobs.

These places are a hotspot for bugs and dust to gather and nourish. If not regularly, then cleaning these places once in a week is great for an overall hygienic household.

Electronic Equipment

Watching TV while cleaning or in the spare moment is, of course, a great idea. But one must also pay special attention to electronic appliances such as TV sets, microwave ovens, refrigerators, etc.

This equipment and for that matter, all electronic equipment attracts dust due to the buildup of static electricity. So dusting them a couple of weeks with a vacuum cleaner is a really good idea.

Also, thorough cleaning can be done at least once every three months; this helps in ensuring a long life of electronic appliances.


Yes, drawers stay closed most of the times; still, one may find a good amount of dust and dirt accumulated inside after a short span of time. Thus, it is important to at least vacuum the drawers once in a while.

Vacuuming is good since it sucks up dirt without having the need to take the items out of the drawers. Again, a handheld or even a canister vacuum with proper attachment and the good amount of suction power can be used for these types of cleaning activities.


Ceiling fans and even table fans if not cleaned for even a month can gather a good amount of dust. So cleaning the fans and blades at regular intervals does seem to keep the environment in good condition.

Using the long hose of canister vacuum cleaners or even using upright vacuum cleaners with the detachable hose does the job beautifully. This not only keeps the fan clean and environment less dusty but also keeps the aesthetic factor in good shape.


Keyboards of desktops or even laptops are dust magnets. It never seems enough to clean them. Keyboards gather dust due to the shape of the device and the factor that they are used quite often and are exposed.

Cleaning keyboards with just a duster might get rid of dust on the surface, but dust that settles between the keys is seldom removed. Thus cleaning the keyboards with a vacuum cleaner is a good idea.


Curtains attract a lot of dust and pet hairs over time and not only they become dusty, but at the same time they help bugs colonize if there are any, so wiping the curtains with the vacuum cleaner hose daily is a good practice. If not daily, then once every 2-3 days one can opt for curtain cleanings.

Recliners & couches

Recliners and couches have lots of surface areas and also, lots of cracks and crevices to perfectly accumulate dust.

Pet hairs essentially find its way between the variety of tight places that this furniture offers. So cleaning the thoroughly with a pet hair removal attachment with a vacuum cleaner is a good idea.

Inside cabinets and wardrobes

The shelves and corners of shelves inside cabinets and wardrobes are another place where a small amount of light dust pickup with a vacuum cleaner can be occasionally done.

These places are generally dark all the time and less explored areas, thus cleaning them every few months can add to the positive of a better overall hygiene.

Vacuum cleaner itself

This is the last but also the most important factor which plays a role in maintaining cleanliness. Vacuum cleaners are the most effective form of cleaning system available.

So, keeping good care of them, like checking for the devices health, regularly cleaning dust chambers and occasionally replacing worn out parts can prolong the life of vacuum cleaners and also make sure that the vacuum cleaner is performing its duties with the intended precision.

places I bet you forget to clean

Final Words

It may seem to some that performing cleaning over visible surfaces is the only thing needed to maintain a good hygienic environment, but the process of cleaning is more than that. Though the exposed surfaces do collect a good amount of dust and debris, the unexposed surfaces also collect them.

This is the reason for compiling the entire guide so that each and every place gets a good cleaning to ensure the safety and hygiene that people have always wanted to achieve.


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