Parts of a Mountain Bike

Last Updated on March 26, 2019

Parts of a Mountain Bike

If you are a passionate MTB biker; you have to know about the parts of a mountain bike. If you want to purchase a new MTB or repair your bike or want to upgrade your bike, you must have to know about the parts.

Good parts can make your mountain bike stronger but lightweight and allow you to increase the speed. To make your mountain bike a stable and robust mountain bike, you must have to select these essential items. If you get the right parts for your bike, then you can profoundly experience a good ride.

To enjoy the taste of a great ride, you have to choose the right part for your bike. If you know the components and their position and work, you can easily assemble them and make a great mountain bike.

Here are some of the necessary parts of a mountain bike. If you are a beginner or want to assemble your bike, then you can follow this article. It will make your job easier.


The frame is the central part of a bike. You can call this part as the backbone of your MTB.  A frame/structure is the foundation/skeleton of a bike. It holds all other accessories of a bike and carries the weight of the rider too.

A good quality frame will last longer period; that’s why you need to select the best quality frame. Mountain bike frames are available in mostly two different materials.

Among them, Aluminum or Aluminum mix made the structure is most affordable because of its lightweight and strength. Another one is Carbon made.

These frames are lightweight and durable too, but these are expensive and has additional perk of shock-absorbent. A frame is a combination of six parts.

Three tubes make the main triangular shape of mountain bike: top, down and the seat tube. The seat tube, seat stay and chain stay make up the rear triangle of the frame together.

Both stays (two of each, four in total) connects the wheel bulb at the back side. The front fork is the two-legged part situated at the front part of the frame and keeps the front wheel in place.

Pedals, Cranks, and Bottom Bracket

When you push pedals, it pulls the chain and moves the bike forward. These are attached to the cranks, and the cranks are connected to the bottom bracket. Down tube, seat tube and seat stay together at the bottom bracket.

This part contains spindle and the bearings and allows the crank and rod to spin. There are two types of pedals: Clip pedals and Clip pedals. Flat pedals can be with teeth or without teeth. These are the best pedals for beginner level mountain bikers.

On the other hand, clip pedals will secure your feet while pedaling. These are great to produce more pedaling power. Short cranks are best for downhill mountain biking and pass through a lot of obstacles.


The handlebar is located in front of the bike, and it works as the steering. This part comes in different styles and shapes. Its purpose is to allow the rider to control the direction of the bike and make this steady when moving.

This part also holds the derailleur shifters, brake levers, headlight, and cyclo-computer attachments. For additional comfort on riding a bike, the handlebar must have to be wider than the shoulder of the rider.


Stems are to connect the steering tube of the fork and the handlebars of a mountain bike. You will be determined about the distance between your handlebars and position. You will be more stretched out if you use a longer stem. The millimeter term measures these parts.


The headset is another essential part of a mountain bike. This is responsible for the rotatable interface between fork and frame. There are two cups in most of the headset which is pressed into the top and bottom of the headtube.


This is to improve the comfort for you while you are in a ride. You have to select a standard measured saddle that can hold your entire butt. Otherwise, you’ll face pain on the road. You have to adjust your seat correctly for the better comfort on the ride.

Chain and Gears

Chain and gear together one of essential parts of a mountain bike. A good set of gears separates a mountain bike from on-average other bikes.  For a fast ride, you can’t deny the importance of a good gear set.

There are 2 sets of gears on a good mountain bike. First one is situated in the front crank and the other one at the rear wheel. The derailleur shifts the chain from one chain wheel to another.

The front gear set is used more than the rear gear set. You will get a significant difference in pedaling power for speed in every time you change the gear. You’ll see smaller chain wheels at the rear side. This set is too short and precise shifting in gear.

The rear set needs to be of high-quality materials. Because riders use this set a lot, you can control both gear sets and derailleurs using the shift levers which are situated on the handlebar.


You will need to take a break after the ride. That’s why; you’ll need to stop your bike. There are two types of brake for a mountain bike: one is brake pad, and another one is disc brake.

You can stop your bike by using the brake levers on your handlebar which are connected to the brake pads or brake discs by a brake cable. Brake pads are located at the upper side of both front, and rear wheels near the front fork and seat stay.

To use this brake you have to pull the brake levers. After that, the pads on both wheels get pushed together and squeeze the rim of spinning wheel to slow down.

On the other hand, disc brake works in different criteria. This is the modern and high effective braking system for a bike. In this system, pads are used to slow down your bike, but the working system is different.  Here pads are situated onto the discs which are located to the rim of the wheels.


To add additional strength and support to spread your weight to the wheel, spoke wires join the hum to the rim. When you start pedaling, it transfers power from the hub to the wheel.

Tires and Tube

A wheel is a combination of tire, tube, spoke, bearing, etc. Tire connects the bike and the road/land. The tube is located at between the rim and the tire. It needs air to blow up and hold the whole bike.

Final Words

Whenever you make a plan to go for a ride at the mountain or a trail or even in a flat area, you have to choose the right part for your bike. It doesn’t matter that you are going to buy a new bike or repairing your bike or upgrading it, you have to choose the best part. After reading this article, we hope, you will be able to know the right part for your mountain bike to enjoy the next ride.


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