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How Does a Compass Work

History and applications The compass is a measuring instrument to orient oneself, by locating magnetic North. Chinese invention, its date of creation is still a little obscure. However, writings dating back to the 4th century BC and the year 70 already dealt with magnetism. It was not

Bissell OptiClean HardFloor Vacuum Review

Canister vacuum cleaners are well suited for daily cleaning activities and if they are lightweight, it bestows an additional advantage of cleaning small areas on demand. Canister vacuums are a little bit more powerful than standard vacuum cleaners and more compact. This gives them an advantage over

Bissell 1132A Symphony Review

If you thought water and electricity should not mix, think again. The Bissell 1132A Symphony All-in-One Vacuum and Steam Mop brings the best of both worlds together in an electric steam mop that also vacuums, while it simultaneously coats the area with sanitizing steam. Your cleaning needs

How to Prepare for A Hike Physically

  We have already seen the incredible physical and mental benefits of hiking, but do you have to be trained? Although it is not a physical activity that, at least in principle, requires a special preparation it is always good that we prepare ourselves a bit based

How to Organize a Backpacking Trip

While backpacking trips do not require as much luggage, this should be first and foremost useful and lightweight. Carrying our belongings behind our backs, we only have to select what is strictly necessary, some essential complements and, above all. Plan well our route, risk, investigate and socialize

The 10 Best Tactical Dog Leash in 2019 – For Walks and Outdoors

The relation between dogs and humans goes back to 15,000 years. Dogs are referred to as the ”human’s best friend”. The dog is the most popular pet. Nowadays dogs are also employed as service animals. That is why dog leashes are important to train your dog or

The 10 Best Outdoor Hammocks in 2019 – For Maximum Relaxation

Are you searching for something to get rid of your regular life stress? Pick your favorite hammock and get ready with your backpack for an outdoor trip. Or after a long working day, if you want to take rest in your backyard, courtyard or poolside, you need

How to Prepare a Backpack for the Mountain

What material should we carry in our backpack when we prepare for an outing to the mountain? It is a recurring question whenever we are preparing to reach some mountaintop or for a simple hiking route. Do we forget something important? Or are we too cautious about