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Good and Bad Aspects of Solo Hiking and The Must-Haves

Today’s world is fast and competitive, and it is necessary to keep pace with the speed. To keep up with the pace and stay in the competition, people try to do things even if they are not happy or satisfied doing them. When nothing in life works

How to Belay

Belaying is a common term in rappelling or abseiling. Belaying seems complicated but not difficult to adapt with extensive practice. It is a skill which a rappeller or rock climber must know and practice. The safety of the climber depends on the belayer. Only a skilled belayer

51 Of The Best Hiking Books Of All Time

Anything we want to do, the first thing which gives us sufficient information is a book. It enhances our knowledge about the unknown. In adventure activities (like rock climbing, hiking, surfing) knowledge is significant. When it is a matter of risk in life, one should learn everything

18 Awesome Kayaking Tips For Beginners

At the beginning of anything we do, we are enveloped by mistakes, confusions, lack of skills. In some cases, we can afford a blunder, and in some cases, a wrong move puts us in danger. Adventure sports are one such activity, where there is no place for

10 Of The Best Mountain Biking Books Of All Time

Mountain biking is all about learning and practicing. It is common to learn while practicing and from one’s own riding experience. However, the best option is to enrich oneself by reading books on mountain biking. There are many things related to mountain biking which cannot be learned

A Beginner Guide to Hangboard Workout

The hangboard workout is one kind of exercise where you do workout by hanging yourself. Men and women both can do the hangboard workout. You can take it as a fitness or training course for climbing mountains. It is a regular workout that helps you to make

How To Set The Bike Seat Height

The comfort of riding a bike largely depends on the adjustment of the seat. Slight discomfort in the ride is the result of the incorrect height of the bike seat. The right saddle height ensures coherent pedaling. The height of the bike seat that makes the rider

How To Increase Finger Strength

In every adventure sport, we emphasize on the core strength, stamina, and many other things. Rock climbing, abseiling, sports climb, all these outdoor adventure activities require core strength. However, we often forget about the importance the fingers of our hands has in these hard activities. Especially in

Best Hikes in North America

Hiking is generally a long walk on the trails. It is one of the most popular forms of break people take from their busy schedule. It is an adventurous activity as well. According to a recent study, hiking has taken the top spot as the most popular