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Hiking the Ciudad Perdida Trek in Colombia

Hiking has always been an adventurous and joyful outdoor activity. It refers to exploring new places by walking a long distance. It refreshes your mind as well as has many health benefits. If you are bored with your monotonous life routine and need a break, plan for

Hiking the Choquequirao Trek in Peru – Everything You Need to Know

Adventurers are ultra-enthusiastic beings, which includes hikers as well. They always tend to search for new challenges and earn a glorified triumph over them. Hikers are always in search of trails that are close to impossible trekking. However, our world is much bigger and mysterious enough to

How to Avoid Climbing Injuries

Climbing is a potentially dangerous sport and one of the great ways to get fit and active. It’s an intensely physical activity that uses almost every part of your body – hands, arms, shoulders, wrists, spine, pelvis, knees, ankles, and feet. When the climbers are hanging on

Best Hikes in Africa – Most Impressive Hikes

Challenging, Curious, and Adventurous minds are always thirsty inside to explore somewhere full of dangerous beauty. And if you are one of them, then Africa is one of the best continents for you to hike. Unlike other hikes worldwide, in Africa, you will have some of the

Central America Cycling Photo Essay

Central America is an area extending from Mexico in the north to Colombia in the south. It is bounded by the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean in the east and the west respectively. This region covers seven countries in total, including Costa Rica, Belize, El Salvador,

Hiking the Santa Cruz Trek in Peru – All You Need To Know

People who indulge themselves in adventurous activities tend to be extremely passionate. The passion for the activity helps to overcome the fear of the risk factor attached to it to an extent. We can consider hiking as an example. Hiking has all sorts of mental and physical

Hiking the Untamed Wilderness of Dominica

Dominica is a Caribbean island that has tourist spots and tropical rainforests. It is a mountainous island. And it is covered by numerous hiking trails that can provide the maximum thrill to the hikers. One of the trails is the Waitukubuli National Trail, which crosses the whole

Hiking the Trace Des Caps in Martinique

Hikers always search for new and suitable places to spend their quality time exploring nature. And every hiker falls in love with sites that offer them to embrace the beauty of nature. In the south of French Antilles, there situated an area where the white sand, water,