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How to Train For Rock Climbing

Rock climbing is a great outdoor cardio workout activity. It is a great dare thrown towards someone by himself. It helps to erase fears – fear of height, fear of challenges, fear of accidents, fear of death. The level of risk in rock climbing is so high

How to Stop Chafing

Fitness freaks, rock climbers, bikers, obese people are quite familiar with chafing. People who are involved in vigorous physical activity for a long time and sweat profusely get chafing in different parts of the body. Chafing is a common skin problem. It is an irritation on the

How to Size A Kayak Paddle

Kayaking is a recreational activity and an adventure sport as well. One of the most popular adventure sport at the current time is whitewater kayaking. For a comfortable kayaking experience, a kayaker needs a right kayak and also a paddle. Kayaking requires these two elements. Other equipment

Best Hikes in South America

South America is one of the top goals for hiking lovers. South America is an addictive place to travel in. For hiking lovers, hiking in this country is such a dream, and it is the main reason that many travelers choose South America for their trip. Amazonian

How to Clean A Mountain Bike

Mountain bikes are designed for cycling on the rough and uneven terrain. Due to the ride on the rugged terrain, mountain bikes tend to get dirty.  We have a misconception that mountain bikes need frequent cleaning. The moment we see a speck of dirt, we decide to

How to Change A Flat Tire

A flat tire is the most common hinder while driving a vehicle. The most common scenario is people suddenly hearing a thumping sound in the middle of nowhere. It halts the journey. The spare tire stays right behind in the trunk of the vehicle but is of

Yellowstone Backpacking

Yellowstone National Park is America’s oldest park, established in 1872. It spans over 2 million acres, and many might say it is grandest too. Yellowstone is an outdoor wonderland full of wildlife, majestic peaks, geysers, 14 rivers, and nearly 200 creeks. It’s difficult to see more than

How to Waterproof Hiking Boots

You need to keep your feet dry during hiking time. Having dry feet on adventuring time helps you to prevent blister.  When you are hiking all day long, dry feet keeps you happy and healthy. That’s why you need to keep your hiking boots waterproof. There is

How to Wash Merino Wool

We needed to clarify somewhat more about Merino wool before we get into how to wash Merino wool. Merino wool is a natural fiber. It’s more thin and soft than ordinary wool-making it simple to wear next to the skin. Also, when you wear wool by the

How to Layer Clothes for Cold Weather

Layering clothes are necessary for cold weather. We need to keep our body warm all the time, or else we will get sick. But it is not always that we layer clothes in cold weather just for cold, sometimes we layer cloths just for fashion. Winter is