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Hiking a Good Way to Get in Touch With Nature Through Sport

Walking is a complete activity that brings many benefits to our body. In fact, it is advisable to make at least half an hour a day of walking. But if it is carried out in full nature, its benefits multiply. This is what happens with hiking, an

Alentejo: The Best Place in Europe for Hiking

If Madonna has not been able to resist to know the “California of Europe”, sharing in social networks her horseback riding on the Alentejo beaches, will you be able to do it? Portugal has become, in recent years, one of the favorite places to find peace and

The 10 Best Deer Hunting Knife in 2018 – Ultimate Guide

Hunting knives are conventionally designed for cutting rather than stabbing. For getting ready the game to be used as food, a hunting knife is your best option during hunting. Skinning the animal, and to gut and process it, we need the best quality knife. Owning the best

Summer Camping Essentials – What Are the Must?

As summer approaches, many people have one thing in mind; camping. Summer is the perfect time and season to explore the wild and become one with nature. Before heading outdoors, however, you need to pack some items that will help you survive out there. Some people, especially

Types of Fixed Blade Knives

Hunting knife is primarily meant to help you process meat after a kill. A good hunting knife can also be used to carry out some secondary activities such as digging and cutting small tree branches etc., making it crucial for survival in the wild. However, not all

8 DIY Tips to Set Up Your Fishing Kayak

Kayak fishing is a great pastime but only if you are well prepared and well organized. Poor planning will make the expedition frustrating and uncomfortable. The more preparation you put in, the more time you can spend fishing and enjoying yourself. You will have more fun this

Maelstrom Tac Force Boots Review

If you’re in law enforcement or even you’re an adventurer, you probably understand that what you are wearing on your feet will determine your success or failure. If you dare go out wearing a pair of feeble shoes, at the end of the day, your feet will

Magnum Elite Spider Boots Review

You’re in the military. The conditions you face are, to say the least, harsh. You’re constantly on the move, up mountains, running on rocky terrain, in deserts, in water. You have seen it all, and your feet have taken a huge portion of the beating. You need

5.11 ATAC Tactical Boot Reviews

It is said that you can learn a lot about a man from his shoes. You can tell whether he is a hard worker or a freeloader. You can say what his sense of style is. You can tell what his personality is. In the same vein,

Baja Divide – 2700km of Bike-riding in Baja California

The Baja Divide is a bike packing route that traverses the Baja California peninsula meandering through kilometers of dirt roads and sandy roads, starting in San Diego and ending in San Jose del Cabo. The route crosses from the Pacific Ocean to the Sea of ​​Cortes, crossing